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posted by gloriouschaos
 Most like me...
Most like me...
First name: If I told you, I wouldn't have to kill bạn - just maim hoặc seriously injure ;]

Location: Narnia, for all bạn know ...

yêu thích Disney film: Beauty and the beast, Pocahontas, hunchback of notre dame, Công chúa tóc mây and Atlantis are all contenders for me.

Hobbies: reading, writing, hát and tumblring

âm nhạc I like: Rocky horror, Wicked, Avenue Q and sweeney todd âm nhạc along with phantom for musicals, Non/Disney, cheesy 80's rock, david bowie, Evanescence, Within temptation, nightwish and more

Non Disney phim chiếu rạp I like: most animated stuff, Dark knight, Ferris Bueller, Most Tim burton films DCAU films, Pan's labyrinth, the devils backbone, the others ad interview with the vampire.

sách I read:Gaiman and cơm, gạo are personal favorites, but I'l read anything as long as it has fleshed out characters.

Something quirky about me: I used to be really quiet, but over the past two years I've gained a lot thêm friends,and the habit of saying things that should be đã đưa ý kiến quietly so loudly the entirety of the universe can hear, also I tình yêu being complimented/flirted with and can and will relate most things with a song when possible.

Someone who inspires me:Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, Steve Irwin when I was really little.

Something I believe strongly: bạn can't choose who bạn love.

A career I'd like to have:Writer, almost a cliche, I know,but I want nothing thêm than to inspire someone with the words and their worlds I tình yêu to create.

A dream I'd like to accomplish:I'm also a hopeless romantic, so to be able to be who I want, with someone who can tình yêu and guide me.

I most relate to these princesses: Ariel, Belle and Pocahontas; I adore books, don't really mind being odd, get ngày dreamy about people I like, I would sacrifice anything for love, I tình yêu nature, but I can sometimes be consumed bởi my emotions,a trait all three seem to share. I also relate pretty much completely to Jane from Tarzan.

At my best I am: optimistic, inspired, involved, friendly, smart, energetic, bubbly, witty, a good listener, unafraid to be unique and certain of myself.

At my worst I am: cynical, (usually about myself and the world in general rather than other people), obsessive, can get carried away with myself, forgetful, mean spirited self centered, maudlin and lazy.
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