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Pocahontas' : màu sắc of the Wind (Norwegian)

For deg er jeg en av de ville,
Av de usiviliserte, det var visst det det het.
Men man kan spørre seg,
Om den ville her er meg.
Det er så mange ting du ikke vet,
Ikke vet..

Du tror du eier jorden som du trår på
Og døde ting du tar i kongens navn,
Men jeg vet at hvert tre og hvert et vesen
Har et liv, har en mening, er til gavn.
Du tror du er et menneske som andre,
Som ligner og som tenker slik som deg,
Men hvis du følger faret til en fremmed
Ser du ting du aldri så før på din vei.

Har du noen gang hørt ulven hyle natten lang?
Sett gaupen smile i sitt stjernespinn?
Kan du synge alle tonene i fjellet?
Kan du male alle farger i en vind?
Kan du male alle farger i en vind?

Kom løp langs skjulte stier mellom trærne,
Og smak på søte skogsbær på din ferd.
Kom rull deg rundt i all naturens rikdom,
Og spar meg; ikke spør hva den er verdt.
For elvevann og regn er mine brødre;
Med hegre og med oter er jeg venn,
Og vi er nært forbundet med hverandre
I en sirkel, i en ring som går igjen.

Hvor høyt blir et Sycamore-tre?
Hvis du feller det, får du aldri se!

Og du får aldri høre ulven hyle natten lang,
For selv om det er hvit hud på ditt kinn,
Så må du synge alle tonene i fjellet,
Du må male alle farger i en vind.
Du kan eie alt du vil,
Det er intet verdt intil
Du kan male alle farger i en vind...
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After seeing MaidofOrleans danh sách in the diễn đàn link, I thought it was a cool idea to danh sách down Disney Princesses on the basis of which how I relate to them hoặc not relate to them. So here goes:


Snow White:

I don't really relate to her much. I cannot go from being scared for my life to cleaning the stranger's house in the same day. I'm optimistic but not like her, I'd be thêm like practical and cautious in her situation. I am also not as organized as her and neither as much persistent with my ways of living.

 I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten bạn
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you

I wish I was as graceful...
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Here's my quick ranking on original DP films in part 1 of this bài viết series. Part 2 will follow with all the sequels, prequels and shorts. Hope you'll enjoy it!

12. Princess and the frog:
I found the script to be very lazily written, with no wow moments to remember and no surprising twists. The movie crawled at deathly slow pace, making me skip scenes in between. The phim hoạt hình was pretty average with nothing memorable except a few scenes in bayou and death of Dr. Facilier. I found the sett ups to be unflattering and lacked the Disney magic feel to it. The best set-up from the entire movie was...
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My danh sách hasn't changed all that much but I thought after rewatching Aladdin và cây đèn thần I would write an updated list.

13. Merida- Not a fan, I'm all for female empowerment but I don't like her attitude. She is just so rude & I do not find her likeable.

12. Elsa- She just really bugs me. I can't think of any other reasons but she just aggravates me.

11. Anna- Not keen on her either. She is not as bad as the other two but I'm not a fan, moving on.

10. Tiana- She is too much of a workaholic. I get that she has dreams to run her own restaurant but she can have fun once in awhile.

9. Jasmine- hoa nhài has really...
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Okay so I know I got off on the wrong foot here with some users so I wanted to give a peace offering (to those who want it) bởi telling about myself so others will get the chance to understand me and see where I am coming from. This is my attempt to:
1) Formally apologize: To those who I Mất tích my temper with, I sincerely apologize for the way I conducted myself. I truly did not come here to start arguments but to get the opinions of others. I humbly ask that bạn forgive my passionate responses and know that I promise to work on not losing my temper. No matter how threatened hoặc attacked that I...
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I'm counting this as opinion(Ik its as list) cuz it all took me, like, 2 hours to danh sách these out. I tình yêu them all so much!

10. Snow White
Don't get me wrong, I tình yêu HER. But there just isn't a lot to relate to with her. She ran away because she was being hunted down, she died, got kissed and came back to life. So, since I really can't relate to her, I put her here. Sorry Snow, I still luv ya!

9. Jasmine
Again this was MEGA hard to put her here, cuz I tình yêu her! But I just can't relate to her, again. I mean, I've never really been in her situation, and I can't get over the whole "Magic lamp" thing...
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