Okay I got the inspiration from watching The Muppets, but this one is about how it all started and well here's a short summary of the story: The Disney Princesses meet one ngày and decides to start a tv-programme where they each week do something like talking about a special subject hoặc hát a song hoặc basically anything, well the rest bạn have to wait with hearing. About my other two fan-fictions I'll finish them someday in the future.

We have seen the Disney Princesses in their phim chiếu rạp and on photos, but we've never seen them together outside the bức ảnh world and bạn maybe always have wonderd how they would react if they saw each other and also met in our world, well let's start with the story

The Beginning of the Show:
It was a beautiful sunny ngày in the beginning of September and this ngày something special happened: 10 princesses came to our world and started their very own tv-show, but I'll tell bạn about that later. The first one to arrive was a girl with long blonde hair and big green eyes, her name was Rapunzel and she looked excited to discover the new place that she had come to. Later the rest arrived and Rapunzel was so excited to get to know them.
"Hi, what are your names and where are bạn from", she asked with a bright smile.
"My name is Tiana and I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, it's a city located bởi the sea and it was there jazz a musicstyle was born in the 1920's, a girl with dark brown hair answered.
"My name is Rapunzel and I'm from Corona, it's a kingdom located far away from here", Rapunzel said.
"Nice names bạn have, my name is Mulan and I'm from China, it's a nice country", a girl with black eyes said.
"My name is Pocahontas and I'm from Jamestown, Virginia, USA, it's located bởi the east coast.
"My name is hoa nhài and I'm from Agrabah though it's now called Bagdad and it's located in Iraqh", a girl with thick black hair said.
"My name is Belle and I'm from France, it's such a nice country", a girl with brown hair replied.
"My name is Ariel and I'm originally a mermaid, I lived in Atlantica back then, but now I live in a kingdom nearby the sea", a red haired girl replied.
"My name is Aurora, but I'm sometimes called Briar Rose hoặc Sleeping Beauty and I'm from England, it's a beautiful country", a a màu tím eyed girl replied.
"My name is Lọ lem and I'm from France too", a blonde haired girl replied.
"And my name is Snow White and I'm from Germany, that is a lovely country", a girl with black hair, brown eyes and pale skin replied.
"It's nice getting to know you, I don't know why I became interested in you, but bạn looked familiar in some kind of way, now we need somewhere to stay", Rapunzel told the princesses.
"May I help you", a girl with black hair and blue eyes asked.
"Yes we need somewhere to stay, but we're new here so we don't know where", Rapunzel answered.
"You can stay with me, I think there's không gian for all of you, my name is Mary btw", Mary replied with a big smile.
"My name is Rapunzel and this is Tiana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Aurora hoặc Briar Rose hoặc Sleeping Beauty, Lọ lem and Snow White", Rapunzel replied.

When they arrived to Mary's house she gave them a tour of the house and then she letted them choose where they would like to sleep.

After that they sattled down and started to talk:
"You girls are so different from each other, but I tình yêu bạn all so I want to make bạn famous, I've decided to start a tv-show where bạn are the stars, you're going to do a lot of variated things in that show", Mary explained.
"That sounds like a great idea, do it", Rapunzel replied jumping out of joy.
"I'll tell our tv-company tomorrow, I'm sure they'll like the idea and hopefully we'll get many viewers, but first I would like to know what your yêu thích intrests are and what bạn are like as persons", Mary explained.
"Okay I'll start, my yêu thích interests are painting and just keep myself active as much as possible, as a person I'm kind, romantic and creative", Rapunzel explained.
"My yêu thích interests are working at my resturant and of course cooking, as a person I'm determinded and hard working", Tiana explained.
"My yêu thích interets are training and playing diffrent sports, as a person I'm selfless and clumsly", Mulan explained.
"My yêu thích interests are canoing and walking in the forest, as a person I'm Công chúa tóc xù and a bit immature", Pocahontas explained.
"My yêu thích interests are relaxing and be outside, as a person I'm selfconfident and I don't have the best temper", hoa nhài explained.
"My yêu thích interests are đọc sách and take walks in the forest, as a person I'm kind and unjudgemental", Belle explained.
"My yêu thích interests are swimming and walk around the beaches, as a person I'm curious and funny", Ariel explained.
"My yêu thích interests are dancing and sleeping, as a person I'm very girly and kind", Aurora explained.
"My yêu thích interets are hát and animals, as a person I'm kind and faithful", Lọ lem explained.
"My yêu thích interests are baking and singing, as a person I'm very optimistic and kind", Snow White explained.
"Great now I know thêm about you, but now I think we should eat something, bạn must be hungry, I'll make mì ống ý, spaghetti carbonara", Mary told the girls.
"Sounds great", the girls shouted all at once.
"You don't need to sound super crazy, but great that bạn seem interested in the food", Mary said.
(End Of Part 1)