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posted by TheCrystalRing
WARNING!!!! The following story may be disturbing to both Snow White những người đang yêu and haters. Reader discursion is advised…
Now I present my sneak peek Dark Endings version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Enjoy…

    One song, I have but one song. One song, only for you…Snow White quietly hummed the beautiful song her mystery prince sang to her earlier that day. She was picking wildflowers in the meadow near her lâu đài home. Her stepmother, the Queen, had allowed her to pick the newly bloomed daisies in the field, as long as her best (and only) huntsman, Humbert, accompanied her. As she gathered up the rest of the blossoms, she noticed that a tiny bluebird, no bigger than the palm of her hand, had fallen from its nest above.
    “Aww, have bạn Mất tích your way from home?” Snow White asked sweetly, “I’ll help bạn find your way back!” She set her bundle of hoa down and searched around the branches of the oak cây towering above her. She spotted the bird’s nest nestled up on one of the higher branches. Snow stood on her tip-toes so the bird could fly back to its home.
    While it fluttered its small azure wings up to the nest, a shadow crossed along the cây and Snow White’s back. She turned around, planning on picking up the daisies, when she was confronted bởi the menacing, bearded huntsman. In his hand, he gripped a wicked dagger, so sharp that just staring at it could cut you. Humbert raised his blade, about to plunge it into her heart, when he froze. In the back of his mind, something was telling him to don’t do it, don’t destroy an innocent girl. But a stronger voice reminded him of all the riches the Queen had promised him, and whatever else his tim, trái tim desired.     
    With tears in his eyes, he whispered, “Sorry…Little Princess…”
    And he plunged the dao, con dao into her chest, all the way up to its hilt.
While it hasn't been confirmed, various clues have pointed to Moana eventually joining the Disney Princess lineup. This process only involved 20+ users, which I think is a good thing, we'll save the BIG survey for after Moana's official coronation. That's why I didn't ask for các bình luận hoặc use fancy pics. Since the pool of users is so small, I wouldn't say these results are absolute and concrete. This is just a small xem trước of where Moana as well as the other princesses stand.

12. Merida-178 points

To the surprise of literally no one, Merida is dead last. Often criticized bởi DP những người hâm mộ and...
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