This bài viết was written collectively by: Cromulanfav, CuteDiana, JonnaSe, & Princesslullaby

10.Snow White
Snow White is the girl Esmeralda's trying to fight against being. Snow White is oppressed, naive, lives in happy-dream world, and shows the ideals of a domestic housewife who doesn't do anything besides cook hoặc bake, and can be pretty selfish sometimes. She can't stick up for herself hoặc be independent.

She would like that Aurora is a little thêm flirty, witty, and longs for a little thêm than she has, but tổng thể would have the same issues with her she has with Snow White.

She would appreciate Cinderella's spirit under her oppression, and she would like that Lọ lem at least has a little cleverness about her. However, she would still find her too weak and dependent, and be disappointed she never tried to leave her situation, even if it meant taking a big risk. She might find her faith that 'everything is going to be fine as long as I'm good' too naive.

She would tình yêu that Rapunzel tried to make a change in her life, manipulates and blackmails Flynn and tried to break the rules and follow what she thought was her fate, so she can free herself.
But she's just not as strong a person as Esme would like, and it took her 18 years and a man to take the risk.

Esmeralda would tình yêu that Tiana is working on her own for her dream. She would tình yêu her independent streak and how she doesn't find it important for a man to be in her life. But she would find Tiana way too an toàn, két an toàn and as someone who never breaks the rules. She wouldn't appeal as much as a thêm firey and quick-witted princess.

She would tình yêu Ariel's bold, feisty personality and her independence and curiousness. She would tình yêu how Ariel takes huge risks for her dreams and is a big rule-breaker. She would tình yêu that Ariel went after the man herself instead of the thêm typical reverse. But she wouldn't like the idea that she went after the man and that he was the push for her to go after her dream, it would be too typical teenage-girlish for Esmeralda. She would prefer if Ariel had được trao up everything for her dream BEFORE she met Eric.

Esmeralda would appreciate that Belle is a calm but collected smart, educated young woman who doesn't take rudeness from Gaston and doesn't fall for his arrogance. She would tình yêu how Belle sees right through Gaston's charade and doesn't care about for him at all just because of his looks. Esmeralda would tình yêu Belle's longing for adventure but would understand why Belle just can't leave. Esmeralda would really tình yêu the sacrifices Belle made her father and for the Beast, and how selfless she is. She would tình yêu Belle's tình yêu for the Beast despite his appearance, because of what's underneath, and how she could see past what everyone else couldn't.

Esmeralda would tình yêu Jasmine's firey personality, how she sticks up for herself and refuses to marry anyone out of obligation. Esmeralda would tình yêu how hoa nhài refuses to let herself be a prize to be won, and holds herself in high esteem. Esmeralda would tình yêu that hoa nhài loves Aladdin và cây đèn thần despite his appearance and background. Esmeralda would like that hoa nhài breaks the princess stereotype and doesn't care about her status. However, she might be disappointed that hoa nhài gave up after one try, and isn't very selfless at all (seeing as that she only seems to care about herself instead of others, especially being someone in high power), a quality that Esmeralda holds in high regard.

Esmeralda would tình yêu that Pocahontas is daring, risky, and breaks the rules, but still really cares about her people in the end. She would tình yêu how Pocahontas is the hero of the story who saves John Smith's life, and is curious, wise, and selfless. She wouldn't hate a thing about Pocahontas.

Esmeralda would tình yêu how Mulan is an insecure girl who, despite her fears, takes charge, and takes her father's place despite it being very illegal and very risky. She would tình yêu how Mulan cuts her hair and really defies her society. She would find the climbing the pole scene so inspiring, because it would be like saying "take that" to everyone who doubted her. Mulan actually goes through character development, she's SUPER feminists, she saves her country AND her dad's life single-handed, and earns a great respect from all of China. The bowing scene would be very important to Esmeralda, because it would hiển thị societies changed opinion about Mulan & her gender, just like Esmeralda is trying to do for the gypsies. Esmeralda would like how Mulan made Shang fall for her through her personality & bravery rather than her looks.
She would tình yêu how extremely clever and smart Mulan is, how resourceful she is, and how she didn't need anyone's help but her own and still managed to save a whole country.

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