OK so i hear alot of stuff from people how the Disney princesses are bad role người mẫu for kids. True? Well bạn be the judge. I have made a danh sách of the princess and the pros and cons of them and might add some extra facts about them please comment.
here is my take:

Snow White- One of the princess that dreamers of a guy coming to tình yêu her and give her a better life.
Pros-ok she is 14 years old dreamer who wants to meet the person who will tình yêu her, she works hard for others with no much regard to herself.
Neutral- in order to cope with her life she talks to động vật and dreams of something bigger
Cons- she doesn't take control over her life/situation. Ex if bạn are in a isolated area where even dwarfs are telling bạn to be careful, why would bạn invite some ugly old lady into your trang chủ and eat thực phẩm from her.

Extra: Many people think she is "what not" for staying where she was but consider:She cleans her own trang chủ and can't do anything else but that,if she were to leave her she would lose her way of living (food, shelter, and money) and might starve.

Aurora:she is the one most content with her life and all she wants is someone ( a peer) to talk to about things, she might not want to talk to with her "guardians"
Pros- She is the most elegant, beautiful, and has a lovely voice. She is the perfect example of "all good things come to those who wait"
Cons- in her movie the events of the movie are thêm important then her, she is not really there in the beginning of the movie hoặc much of the middle and sleeps through most of it.

Extra- Aurora is interesting because she wanted a "someone" to be with and when she found him thinking her life was complete she was told that she was not who she thought she was. She had to go to a new place and leave behind what she was used to, how do bạn think she should have reacted mentally được trao all this information.

Cinderella:the new and improved version of Snow white except one wonders why she still at her home.
Pros-I think the one thing I like about her is that she hardworking and cares about the welfare of her family (why?)She is one of the few princess not looking for a guy (meaning that her original plan didn't involve a guy until she meet the one she wanted).
Cons- I always wondered what she would do to make her dreams come true, I mean what was her plan to fulfill the "dream"

Extra: It is a wonder she stayed at the family trang chủ for so long, she is old enough to get married, why hasn't she (maid do get married too). It makes me wonder if Lọ lem actually cares about her "step" family and purposefully lives there because she likes them...hm

Ariel: goes to hiển thị thathappiness should be shared with others and not hoarded for yourself
Pros- its hard not to tình yêu a beautiful girl with an equally beautiful voice, its sad that is her only compliment from me. At the end when she is finally thinking of someone else (she didn't swim up to see him because she knew what it cost her the last time) and because of it her father blessed her with legs.
Cons-Ariel from the beginning of the story was always selfish and the movie shows what her selfishness caused (her father turned into a seaweed? and e\Eric's life at stake. Don't get me wrong I tình yêu that she wants to follow her dreams but Ariel never considered who it affected and whose happiness it would hurt. But then again she is young she will learn.

Extra: bạn would think that Ariel wanted adventure because she was lacking something, well it wasn't loved. No girl was loved thêm than Ariel. She was regarded so much that she had her own part in a show, loved for her voice, and she was the youngest (those who are the youngest and have dads knows what that means).

Belle:The only princess since her time that actually read a book. She is another princess not interested in tình yêu at first.
Pros-Belle is an intellect which is awesome, she is Công chúa tóc xù and knows the meaning of the word sacrifice.
Cons-i can't really find one for her cause I find her to be. I mean if bạn want one she broke a promise, but come on. And some may say she was weak for letting the beast treat her like that but hey, she made a deal and he saved her life she should over a little patience
Extra: I find it funny that she was the one hát about wanting adventure and wanting thêm "then she can tell" but when she finally got it (every adventure has its good and not so good)she ran like her life depended on it, so what does that say about her... Also bạn never see do anything domestic in her movie just đọc and talking...interesting

Jasmine:The spunky girl who knows what she wants "gosh darn the consequences"
Pros- What she lacks in control is what she gains in confidence. She is the one that will tell bạn if bạn are what she wants, she could care less if bạn are a đường phố, street con chuột hoặc a prince, if she likes bạn then then your good. Not to paint a provocative image but what I mean is its Jasmines way hoặc no way.
Cons-She is very impulsive and doesn't think things through. She leaves the palace (not knowing hoặc understanding what is on the other side) almost kissed a complete stranger (even if he saved my life not on the first date).
Extra:although she is not the focus of her movie she at least shows what happens when bạn mix spunk with impulsive behavior, a crazy ride on a magic carpet.

Pocahontas- The princess who really most memorable in the whole Renaissance Age for Disney, although she very athletic most be the whole Native American lifestyle
Pros- She was another one content with her life and the only one to really talk to her father about her problems hoặc difficulties (Ariel, Belle, hoa nhài don't count, we didn't get to the problem)
Cons-The only thing I can say I don't like is the fact that her flaws weren't obvious I mean everything she was doing with John (except the kiss) was to see if there was someway for her people and the English to coexist.
Extra:I like that she always tried to seek guidance in all her doings

Mulan:Hero of China, need I say more. The one thing I must say is that she shows how loving others can make bạn do things that bạn never though bạn could.
Pro- This lady was the perfect example of sacrifice and hardworking. She joined the military to save her family mostly her father.
Cons- Well I would say that she (had to think hard)only pushed when someone depended on her never for herself see Extra
Extra:Mulan for the sake of her family went through hell in the army physically and emotionally which gave honor to her family. Just a thought why couldn't she put that same determination and energy when she is with the matchmaker, I don't think any less of her but it is interesting

Tiana: is the girl with a plan and a pretty good one at that
Pros-She is the only princess that has a plan and goal and how she is going to meet it. She is hardworking and prefers working extra shifts then hanging out. It shows that her dream is thêm personal cause of her dad.
Cons- she is so hardworking she won't except help from anyone because all her life she had to work hard. Also she is a bit hard on people she thinks don't work hard enough she is a tough cookie but that is what is likable about her since her cookie will be delicious
Extra: This may offend people but to me she is a unique character but to me her green princess dress doesn't fit, but I must say I prefer her blue dress then the green one, so Disney if your watching change the green dress to the blue one she looks thêm princess the green one looks like a prom dress hoặc a costume nothing royal. (Don't worry hoa nhài needs to wear her purple outfit while Ariel needs her shining new human legs dress)

Rapunzel- The girl that might have a story just like Aurora but told differently
Pro-I tình yêu the "When will my life begin" she shows bạn she is very talented also Công chúa tóc xù with her frying pan
Cons-Because of how sheltered she is, she is easily manipulated bởi Flint and her mother
Extra:Do bạn think that Rapunzel would have come trang chủ after seeing the lights if she had never run into her mother while she was out, on one hand yes because her mother is in her head hoặc no because she would have started over with flint because he is in her head two, so it makes since why someone had to interfere hoặc she would be in conflict for most of the movie's ending

Well that is all,my point for hiển thị this was to hiển thị that every princess is a role model and everyone of them has bad traits that are likable and good traits that are annoying.
NO princess is better hoặc worse than the other just have to "look beyond what bạn see". They are all dreamers. Some of the princess were never looking for tình yêu in the first place till Mr.Right caught their eye (Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, hoặc Mulan). Also that it is ok to not always take action (Aurora) because somethings will come to you, but then their are other times when action is bạn only option (Mulan).

Please leave your các bình luận but be respectful and know that this is my opinion, hope bạn enjoy