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"Who are you?" đã đưa ý kiến Phillip, starting to emerge from the tub.
I gasped and scrambled onto my feet. I was too chicken to talk to him, so I ran out of the bathroom.
But I'm not a lucky girl. I slipped on water, and slammed hard on the linoleum floor.
Damn it, I muttered, standing again. Phillip was in his quần áo, áo choàng now.
I couldn't take any chances. I ran out of the bathroom, back in the hallway again. My only options were the staircase that had a sign that read "Dungeon", and a shiny armor.
I picked the armor. I stuffed the camera in my pocket and climbed in, making sure the mũ bảo hiểm closed tightly in front of my face.
I held my breath and stood still. Through the little lines cut in the helmet, I saw Phillip and a few guards talking right in front of me.
"I could've sworn I saw her lurking bởi my bathtub," Phillip insisted.
"Well, what did she look like, Your Highness?" inquired one of the guards.
Phillip rubbed his chin. "She was wearing a black suit, and had brown hair in a ponytail."
"Her face?" the guard pressed.
"She's one of those spies," his voice sneered at the word. "And she has pretty gray eyes, and she's wearing mascara. Her face looked very pale, but that was because she looked afraid." He smiled triumphantly. "It should be easy to catch her."
I glowered at him through the helmet. What a jerk. He thinks of me as a bratty teenager. Wait till I get my hands on him...
The guards shuffled away, but Phillip stood where he was. He smoothed his wet hair and sighed. "And for once I thought I had complete privacy..." He walked back the way he came, probably to brush his teeth.
I did not allow myself to feel sorry for him. When I was sure he couldn't hear, I climbed nervously out of the suit.
Great. Now they have an idea of what I look like and I've only been here for 20 minutes.
I sighed and wrapped the camera strap around my neck again. The job has to be done.

At the end of the hallway, there was an elevator which read "TO THE CLASSICS".
Wasn't Prince Phillip a classic? What was he doing up here? I pressed the button, stepped inside, and pressed DOWN.
The elevator played the melody for "Once Upon a Dream" and it made me a little cheerful. I hummed along with it, wondering if I ever had that kind of a relationship.
I didn't. I was far too busy to ever get into a relationship, let alone date.
The doors finally opened. I stuck my head out to make sure no one was there, and stepped out.
All around me, classic âm nhạc was blaring through the speakers. Before me, was a wide hole that stretched out the length of the hallway, like those bạn would find at a mall.
Carefully, I looked down it. It was amazing, every Disney character ever created was either talking hoặc laughing, and it looked like their own little world.
I spotted Kim Possible chatting along with Princess Ariel. Surely, they'd let me in, right?
Wrong. Two guards were headed toward my way, and they had already caught me.
"The spy!" one of them realized.
"Get her!" đã đưa ý kiến the other.
Without thinking, I flipped over the small glass tường that separated this floor from the bottom floor.

And before I knew it, I was headed straight for Gaston's table.
 Before me, was a wide hole that stretched out the length of the hallway, like those bạn would find at a mall.
Before me, was a wide hole that stretched out the length of the hallway, like those you would find at a mall.
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COMING tiếp theo SATURDAY...
Princess đậu xanh, hạt đậu will face her most suspensful adventure yet when a war erupts between the Natives and the English settlers. Will đậu xanh, hạt đậu be able to help Pocahontas and her true tình yêu John Smith be together hoặc is sass just not enough this time? In this sneak peek, here's a glimpse of tiếp theo week's chapter.

"Pocahontas!" yelled Pea. "Are bạn nuts? bạn can't go around making out with hot white boys! Unless there was some tongue, then it was totally worth it."
"But Pea," replied the beautiful chief's daughter. "I love John Smith! And even though Kocoum was killed, I can't help but think...
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Hello everyone! I dont know if bạn remember me hoặc if any of the people I use to talk to on here still come on here...but im going to try to come to this group thêm often...I miss it.

I was watching Beauty and the Beast tonight[Diamond Edition;] and I realized something so strange...I cry during this movie...

But only at two parts...when the beast "dies" and the other part....the ballroom scene.

The scene isnt sad and I know that...but does anyone else find it painfully beautiful...it never registered in this scene that Belle was dancing with a Beast, All I could think is:

Look at how much in love...
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