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posted by Candy77019
I was out hiking in the woods with a few Những người bạn of mine, when we all got Mất tích and accidentally chẻ, phân chia, split up. Unfortunately, I got myself into the middle of the forest, and now I have NO idea how to get home.
For about an giờ hoặc so, I sat on a stump, praying that my Những người bạn would find a chopper and pick me up.
Pfft. Some Những người bạn I have.
Suddenly, a dark figure was walking toward me. She had beautiful, long black hair, and was wearing a váy that went over her knees--bad clothing for the forest.
I took my notepad out of my backpack and set it on my knees.

Me: You're Pocahontas, right?

Pocahontas: *nodding* Yes. Are bạn lost?

Me: *sighing* Yes, but I don't want to waste time. Do bạn mind if I interview you?

Pocahontas: *sitting down on the ground* Sure bạn can.

Me: *flipping through notepad* From my research, I hear that bạn like jumping off cliffs. Are bạn suicidal?

Pocahontas: *gaping* No, never! I jump for the fun of it. I tình yêu the wind in my hair!

Me: If bạn hadn't gotten married, would bạn consider being a daredevil?

Pocahontas: Well, my father won't allow it.

Me: *writing* Ooh, you're a daddy's girl, aren't you?

Pocahontas: Of course. I tình yêu my father very much.

Me: *scoffs* I barely see mine.

Pocahontas: *clicking tongue* That's sad.

Me: Why did bạn marry John Rolfe when it was JOHN SMITH whom bạn fell in tình yêu with?

Pocahontas: I guess things change.

Me: But why would bạn leave a hot, blonde man that loves the thrill of adventure for a goody-two-shoes?

Pocahontas: It's hard to understand. Sometimes bạn tình yêu someone, but then bạn meet someone else and tình yêu them even MORE.

Me: *muttering* Glad I'm not in a relationship.

Pocahontas: bạn don't believe in the power of love?

Me: No....

Pocahontas: *grabbing me bởi the shoulders and starts to shake me* Are bạn MAD? There's nothing thêm powerful than LOVE!

Me: *screaming* WHY ARE bạn SHAKING ME?!

Pocahontas: *letting go* Sorry, sometimes I go so overboard, I hardly notice.

Me: *glaring* Do the other princesses ever visit bạn here?

Pocahontas: Well, the only one who's ever visited me here was Mulan, because she wanted to be in a peaceful place for her fighting.

Me: Are bạn ever jealous of the other princesses because they have a house and bạn don't?

Pocahontas: *shaking head* Nope. I'm perfectly happy right now.

Me: Wow. I can NOT be happy living out in the woods.

Pocahontas: *frowning* Why not? The forest is very beautiful.

Me: How could bạn stand the chịu, gấu droppings all around? And how bạn don't have a bathroom? And what about those freaky demon squirrels who watch bạn when bạn sleep?

Pocahontas: bạn watch too many scary movies, don't you?

Me: Yes, yes I do. Would bạn ever agree if someone called bạn a hippie?

Pocahontas: Well, yes, because hippies believe in peace and so do I.

Me: bởi far, you're the hippiest princess ever.

Pocahontas: Why, thank you.

Me: That wasn't a compliment.

Pocahontas: *starting to walk away* Good luck getting out of here.

Jeez, was it something that I said? These princesses need a reality check, like pronto.

bình luận if bạn want more!! :D
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Behind the scenes footage of the newest Disney Parks Disney Dream Portrait bởi Annie Leibovitz featuring Jessica Chastain as Merida from Disney/Pixar's Công chúa tóc xù
Công chúa tóc xù
Disney dream portrait
anne leibovitz
Những nàng công chúa Disney
posted by sweetie-94
 Today I'll focus on why I tình yêu Merida
Today I'll focus on why I love Merida
Today it's 6 days until my birthday and today I'll focus on my 6th yêu thích DP Merida and why I tình yêu her
Previous các bài viết in the series:

Even though Merida isn't in my hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 yêu thích Disney Princesses I still tình yêu her very much

I tình yêu how she stands out from most of the other princesses bởi not hát (unless bạn count her hát in Noble Maiden Fair, but she was just a child at that point), end up single and being made bởi Pixar

I tình yêu the relationship between her and her mother and how it develops in the movie, they probably have the best family relationship in a...
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The funny scene that killed me.
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posted by sweetie-94
My first bài viết of 2014 (not really since not every part of the world is in 2014 yet, in some parts of the world it's still 2013, but for me it is)

Chapter 3: The Lazy Girl
It was morning in Jamestown, Virginia and Pocahontas woke up bởi that her friend Nakoma called her
"Come on, get up", she called
"Give me some thêm minutes, I hate mornings", Pocahontas replied

Pocahontas had never liked mornings, it meant running around in the forest hoặc canoeing down the river and Pocahontas had never enjoyed either, she just wanted to relax the entire ngày and basically not doing anything, but Nakoma always...
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I was in school the other ngày and me and my Những người bạn were talking about Disney Princesses at lunch. This one person who I don't particularly like decided to become part of the conversation. She said, and I quote, "I'm not going to let my daughters, if I have any, watch those movies. They're such bad role models. The only ones they'll be allowed to watch are Công chúa tóc xù and Mulan because they need to be strong young women." And after that I just left the conversation.

Now I'm going to prove to bạn that the Disney Princesses are great role models, particularly the ones that don't get that much love....
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Allright, I have seen all those các bài viết before about the role người mẫu but I would like to write one all together to be fair and to not be a single opinion, so If bạn can please write who do bạn think is the best role model. That's how I wan't to make the hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 with the help of all you. Please I think Mulan deserves to be number one so tell me for others. bạn can write for every one bạn wan't, for example If we have a lot who think Belle is a good role model, she will be the second. If bạn have các câu hỏi ask in comments, the final danh sách (top ten) will be announced tiếp theo week! Please vote, I will make and a phiếu bầu for that and remember, say why!
Okay, so I have noticed there is some kind of Rapunzel war going on Fanpop, hoặc something...not going to say names hoặc anything. It first started with a câu hỏi thread, and now several pick questions, and well...

It needs to stop. Guys, I am all for having opinions, but really.

I feel really bad, because, personally, I feel like I participated in the bashing to an extent. I expressed my opinion in the câu hỏi thread, but I feel like I bashed her too. I re-watched clips of Rapunzel and also read about the good things people had to say about her.

I can see why people can relate to her, with being...
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posted by ppgbelle4
 Me...ewww... ><;;;
Me...ewww... ><;;;
First Name: Corinne (I like the name, but I find the meaning boring. XD)

Country of Origin: The US. I am a New Orleans girl...have been since ngày one! :3

Favorite Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast, no question. It is heartwarming and entertaining for kids, yet it has deep messages for adults along with many uses of symbolism. The âm nhạc is gorgeous, and so is the animation.

Hobbies: Reading, singing, nghề viết văn one-shots/fanfiction, fanpopping, RPing, listening to music.

Education: I just finished my first năm of college at the trường đại học of New Orleans, and I am majoring in âm nhạc education....
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posted by madisonsavanna
9) Snow White
Ahh, the famous line, Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all? The mirror đã đưa ý kiến this young lady, but I beg to differ. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, just not as pretty as the others. But hey, this was made in the 30s, ideas of beauty change over the years.

8) Mulan
China's heroine. Her hair is very pretty at the beginning, even still cute when it's short. She has an excuse for not being as pretty as the following, Disney had to make her to be able to pass off for a man.

7) Pocahotas
This girl is absolutely beautiful, graceful, and mature. She has long pure black hair that...
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