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posted by Candy77019
I was out hiking in the woods with a few Những người bạn of mine, when we all got Mất tích and accidentally chẻ, phân chia, split up. Unfortunately, I got myself into the middle of the forest, and now I have NO idea how to get home.
For about an giờ hoặc so, I sat on a stump, praying that my Những người bạn would find a chopper and pick me up.
Pfft. Some Những người bạn I have.
Suddenly, a dark figure was walking toward me. She had beautiful, long black hair, and was wearing a váy that went over her knees--bad clothing for the forest.
I took my notepad out of my backpack and set it on my knees.

Me: You're Pocahontas, right?

Pocahontas: *nodding* Yes. Are bạn lost?

Me: *sighing* Yes, but I don't want to waste time. Do bạn mind if I interview you?

Pocahontas: *sitting down on the ground* Sure bạn can.

Me: *flipping through notepad* From my research, I hear that bạn like jumping off cliffs. Are bạn suicidal?

Pocahontas: *gaping* No, never! I jump for the fun of it. I tình yêu the wind in my hair!

Me: If bạn hadn't gotten married, would bạn consider being a daredevil?

Pocahontas: Well, my father won't allow it.

Me: *writing* Ooh, you're a daddy's girl, aren't you?

Pocahontas: Of course. I tình yêu my father very much.

Me: *scoffs* I barely see mine.

Pocahontas: *clicking tongue* That's sad.

Me: Why did bạn marry John Rolfe when it was JOHN SMITH whom bạn fell in tình yêu with?

Pocahontas: I guess things change.

Me: But why would bạn leave a hot, blonde man that loves the thrill of adventure for a goody-two-shoes?

Pocahontas: It's hard to understand. Sometimes bạn tình yêu someone, but then bạn meet someone else and tình yêu them even MORE.

Me: *muttering* Glad I'm not in a relationship.

Pocahontas: bạn don't believe in the power of love?

Me: No....

Pocahontas: *grabbing me bởi the shoulders and starts to shake me* Are bạn MAD? There's nothing thêm powerful than LOVE!

Me: *screaming* WHY ARE bạn SHAKING ME?!

Pocahontas: *letting go* Sorry, sometimes I go so overboard, I hardly notice.

Me: *glaring* Do the other princesses ever visit bạn here?

Pocahontas: Well, the only one who's ever visited me here was Mulan, because she wanted to be in a peaceful place for her fighting.

Me: Are bạn ever jealous of the other princesses because they have a house and bạn don't?

Pocahontas: *shaking head* Nope. I'm perfectly happy right now.

Me: Wow. I can NOT be happy living out in the woods.

Pocahontas: *frowning* Why not? The forest is very beautiful.

Me: How could bạn stand the chịu, gấu droppings all around? And how bạn don't have a bathroom? And what about those freaky demon squirrels who watch bạn when bạn sleep?

Pocahontas: bạn watch too many scary movies, don't you?

Me: Yes, yes I do. Would bạn ever agree if someone called bạn a hippie?

Pocahontas: Well, yes, because hippies believe in peace and so do I.

Me: bởi far, you're the hippiest princess ever.

Pocahontas: Why, thank you.

Me: That wasn't a compliment.

Pocahontas: *starting to walk away* Good luck getting out of here.

Jeez, was it something that I said? These princesses need a reality check, like pronto.

bình luận if bạn want more!! :D
This is made bởi me i hope bạn like it. I looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp for your các bình luận :)
not perfect, but I gave it my best shot.
This is old. don't make fun.
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posted by Lissabelle116
People constantly criticize the Disney princesses. They say that they are unfeminist, bad role người mẫu and terrible decision makers. I know you’re probably thinking: If bạn don’t like the princesses, why are bạn on this Fanpop? The thing is, I do like the princesses. And I think that a lot of the criticism they receive is ridiculous. I could write bài viết after bài viết in defense of the DPs, but what I want to focus on is their relationships. The relationships in princess phim chiếu rạp have been bashed for years. But I think they’re healthier than Disney- Haters care to admit. And I intend to...
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posted by RedQueen65
Hi I am RedQueen65 and I just tình yêu Disney and the

Disney princesses. I just turned thirteen seven days

ago. I found out about this site a few months cách đây

and wanted to tham gia but couldn't because I wasn't

thirteen yet. Anyways I tình yêu almost all of the Disney

princess but my các sở thích are Mulan, Pocahontas,

Ariel and Rapunzel.My yêu thích Disney character is

Alice from Alice in wonderland. My least yêu thích

Disney princess is Merida. She is the only I don't

like. bạn may call her brave, but I call her a selfish

brat. Also how is she a role model to little girls? and

I don't like how people say she...
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5.Belle-I know she's very high on other people's lists, and I guess bạn could say she's also high on mine. I like how she wants to do thêm with her life and start the tiếp theo chapter. She's loyal to a fault! I really like that about her. She's also brave. I mean, the poor girl gave up her freedom to free her dad! She may have also been scared, but I understand that. She's caring, friendly, and loving. Why do I say loving? Because she helps the beast open up his heart. She's just that friend/older sister figure every girl would want to have.

4.Tiana-Don't get me wrong-I tình yêu the fact that she's...
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 Jessikaroo's biểu tượng
Jessikaroo's Icon
My apologies to Jessikaroo if this bài viết was late, but it's here now, so enjoy!

1. Congratulations for being Sepetmber người hâm mộ of the Month! How did bạn feel?

A little shocked, I didn't actually think I’d get voted người hâm mộ of the tháng for a while. But I’m really happy about it. :)

2. How did bạn first get on fanpop and Disney Princess spot?

I think about a năm cách đây I was looking up lists about people’s yêu thích DP’s. I found the DP spot on fanpop and spent around 3 months đọc all of the các bài viết on the spot and then I decided I wanted to be a part of it. So I joined and just started branching...
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posted by Persephone713
 " The Beauty of Aphrodite"
" The Beauty of Aphrodite"
9. Mulan- not because she dressed up like a boy, she just has a tomboy look to her. Not real feminine.

8. Pocahontas- I find her to be the plain one but she has alot of spirit and that is what counts.

7. Snow White- I dont know she looks like a munchkin to me in a way. But still there is something a little pretty about her.

6. Cinderella- She also seems a little plain except when she transforms into her ball áo choàng that is an exceptional moment

5. Aurora- She looks her prettiest lying there sleeping with her sunshine hair and red lips, her voice is the one that stands out, bởi the way she looks best...
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The science classroom had labs facing inwards and there also were seats with desks . Cindy is already sitting in class, when a tall, dark man with a rắn hổ mang staff arrives in the classroom.

The man đã đưa ý kiến "Hello My name is Mr. Magic; I will be teaching bạn science". The class groaned. "We will start with the digestive system" Mr. Magic said. "What is the last step in the digestive system?" The teacher asked. "What about bạn Aladdin và cây đèn thần do bạn know?" Mr Magic pointed at a dark-haired boy with poor clothing "I don't know sir." Aladdin và cây đèn thần said. "Dention after school" Mr. Magic said.

A dark skin girl who had...
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added by PrincessFairy
Lọ lem (1950) - Lọ lem (2015)
Lọ lem
Made bởi CinemaSins
cinema sins
Lọ lem
everything wrong with Lọ lem
I really thought my other one sucked, so I redid it. I like this one muchhhhhh better. <b>Note:</b> I sincerely apologize for the last three notes. I really had to push to hit them. :(
princess and the frog
almost there
 The face you'll be making while đọc my list...
The face you'll be making while reading my list...
Sooo, I've wanted to do this bài viết for a while, but could never sort out my list. Now, I've rewatched all the DP phim chiếu rạp and I think I've got my danh sách sorted out..so anyway, let's get started! *Oh yeah, and happy 4th of July!*

11. Cinderella

GASP! I have a feeling that bởi putting Lọ lem here I've killed 3 em bé and destroyed 5 homes, but yes this is number 11. The generally most liked film of the 3 classics ends up as last. Now, yes it's dreamy, and magical, and has the classic Disney touch, but other than that it falls flat. I don't really like any of the characters, yes Cindy is sweet...
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