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posted by Candy77019
I was out hiking in the woods with a few Những người bạn of mine, when we all got Mất tích and accidentally chẻ, phân chia, split up. Unfortunately, I got myself into the middle of the forest, and now I have NO idea how to get home.
For about an giờ hoặc so, I sat on a stump, praying that my Những người bạn would find a chopper and pick me up.
Pfft. Some Những người bạn I have.
Suddenly, a dark figure was walking toward me. She had beautiful, long black hair, and was wearing a váy that went over her knees--bad clothing for the forest.
I took my notepad out of my backpack and set it on my knees.

Me: You're Pocahontas, right?

Pocahontas: *nodding* Yes. Are bạn lost?

Me: *sighing* Yes, but I don't want to waste time. Do bạn mind if I interview you?

Pocahontas: *sitting down on the ground* Sure bạn can.

Me: *flipping through notepad* From my research, I hear that bạn like jumping off cliffs. Are bạn suicidal?

Pocahontas: *gaping* No, never! I jump for the fun of it. I tình yêu the wind in my hair!

Me: If bạn hadn't gotten married, would bạn consider being a daredevil?

Pocahontas: Well, my father won't allow it.

Me: *writing* Ooh, you're a daddy's girl, aren't you?

Pocahontas: Of course. I tình yêu my father very much.

Me: *scoffs* I barely see mine.

Pocahontas: *clicking tongue* That's sad.

Me: Why did bạn marry John Rolfe when it was JOHN SMITH whom bạn fell in tình yêu with?

Pocahontas: I guess things change.

Me: But why would bạn leave a hot, blonde man that loves the thrill of adventure for a goody-two-shoes?

Pocahontas: It's hard to understand. Sometimes bạn tình yêu someone, but then bạn meet someone else and tình yêu them even MORE.

Me: *muttering* Glad I'm not in a relationship.

Pocahontas: bạn don't believe in the power of love?

Me: No....

Pocahontas: *grabbing me bởi the shoulders and starts to shake me* Are bạn MAD? There's nothing thêm powerful than LOVE!

Me: *screaming* WHY ARE bạn SHAKING ME?!

Pocahontas: *letting go* Sorry, sometimes I go so overboard, I hardly notice.

Me: *glaring* Do the other princesses ever visit bạn here?

Pocahontas: Well, the only one who's ever visited me here was Mulan, because she wanted to be in a peaceful place for her fighting.

Me: Are bạn ever jealous of the other princesses because they have a house and bạn don't?

Pocahontas: *shaking head* Nope. I'm perfectly happy right now.

Me: Wow. I can NOT be happy living out in the woods.

Pocahontas: *frowning* Why not? The forest is very beautiful.

Me: How could bạn stand the chịu, gấu droppings all around? And how bạn don't have a bathroom? And what about those freaky demon squirrels who watch bạn when bạn sleep?

Pocahontas: bạn watch too many scary movies, don't you?

Me: Yes, yes I do. Would bạn ever agree if someone called bạn a hippie?

Pocahontas: Well, yes, because hippies believe in peace and so do I.

Me: bởi far, you're the hippiest princess ever.

Pocahontas: Why, thank you.

Me: That wasn't a compliment.

Pocahontas: *starting to walk away* Good luck getting out of here.

Jeez, was it something that I said? These princesses need a reality check, like pronto.

bình luận if bạn want more!! :D
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thực phẩm Network Cake Challenge: Disney Princess Cakes. The ending segment of the episode. Disney Princesses like Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Belle all immortalized into cakes for the D-World Princess Party.
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snow while
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So I did a series of số phiếu bầu and nominations to get Fanpop's người hâm mộ awards! There was a lot of...drama associated with this, so I'm going to say this now, if you're just going to complain, please leave. bạn don't have to read this bài viết if you're going to feel bad, this bài viết is meant to give credit to people, but just because bạn didn't win doesn't mean bạn aren't appreciated here. So yeah, let's go! Thanks to everyone who participated in the số phiếu bầu and gave nominations!

Wisest User: Tygers_Eye
Runner Up: n/a

Congrats Tygers_Eye, bạn definitely deserve it! Despite being new here, your wisdom...
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Merida was watching the em bé for the day, which gave the others PERFECT timing to prepare for her special feast. She LOVED them! She'd risk her own life for theirs. *Their lives are so pure!* she thought. That thought almost made her cry-literally. She briefly blinked to keep herself from breaking down. Suddenly, Mace began to climb on a foot stool.

"Whoa, lad! We don't want ya gettin' hurt!" Merida đã đưa ý kiến as she rushed over and scooped him up. But all didn't go so well as he began to cry. "What's wrong, lad?" Merida sweet-talked. Thankfully, she knew what to do to cheer him up. She sat him...
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posted by Annabethandco
Merida - Prologue:

The ngọn lửa, chữa cháy was burning low, casting dim and dancing shadows all around the room. Merida thought it was strangely appropriate that the flames had almost died out completely. After all, the brightest light in her life, her mother, was fading fast as well.

Quietly, she approached the queen, who lay still and motionless under the heavy velvet giường sheets. She looked so fragile sleeping. Her silver hair and deep wrinkles looked thêm prominent than usual. She was frowning slightly, as if she was having a bad dream. Merida didn’t really want to disturb her, but the priest had said...
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cruella-snow white

these are my opinions on fanpop users and Disney princesses I think this is pretty accurate these fanpop users as the Disney princesses are a good match especially coolsinger198 and rapunzelanna

plz don't hate this is my personal opinion and I hope bạn liked it!
This is made bởi me i hope bạn like it. I looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp for your các bình luận :)
not perfect, but I gave it my best shot.
This is old. don't make fun.