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Which princess would bạn vote for president?

I was gonna make a phiếu bầu on this but then I got too lazy to make a poll.

I would vote for Lọ lem because she's wise, level-headed, sensible and emotionally mature. She wouldn't let emotions get in the way of her job and can think logically to decide on the best, most sensible, solution. Also, she's an optimist and believer, so she'll believe in her country and has enough hope that good things will happen, so that's a plus. Lọ lem is the "leader" of the princesses but also Cinderella4president!

My một giây choice would be Rapunzel because she's super smart. She can see right through manipulation and people, like Flynn and Gothel and can quickly read situations (like the time she figured out she's the Mất tích princess). She would be good at solving world crisis and isn't afraid to stand up to her choices.

Not Aurora- she's kinda passive even though she's dutiful.

Not Ariel - she's too impulsive and too much of a risk taker. She's better off as an entrepreneur since she's willing to take risks most people wouldn't take.

Not Pocahontas - she's too indecisive. We need a quick decision maker like Rapunzel, who can figure out what's going on quickly thêm than most people. That said, Pocahontas would make an excellent ambassador hoặc diplomat since she's well spoken and brought peace to two unlikely parties.
 disnerdtobe posted hơn một năm qua
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ApplesauceDoctr said:
Mulan. She's strategic and would make informed choices when leading the military.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
MaryZaki said:
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posted cách đây 8 tháng 
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