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 Elsida: Stars
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Lyrics from "Stars" bởi t.A.T.u.
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i knows i knows, i ship odd things
treasure planet
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princess and the frog
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 Astrid Starr. She was a vicious, killing machine, and it’s strange to see her now, no longer on a ti vi screen, but right here in front of me.
Astrid Starr. She was a vicious, killing machine, and it’s strange to see her now, no longer on a television screen, but right here in front of me.
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“I volunteer as tribute!” the girl roared, pushing aside other girls in the wake of her ferocity. I watch her run to the hàng đầu, đầu trang of the stage, fierce and not wanting to let anyone else claim the glorious position.

“Merida! No!,” cry two people in the crowd, her parents most likely. Boy, it must be nice to have parents that haven’t abandoned you.

Not that I blame my parents hoặc anything. For leaving me to grow up with a portly old nanny in a drafty mansion after the accident that turned me into... what?

A monster. An aberration. A mutt. That’s what. Radiation...
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 The New World
The New World
Chapter 9: The New World

The crew thought I was crazy when I told them that a mysterious girl had saved my life they couldn't couldn't stop teasing me about it but I know what I had seen it couldn't have been a dream it seemed so real. As much as it bothered me I kept it in the back of my mind we had arrived at the new world and now it was my turn to take command I informed Captain Richard that I would be taking a few men to bờ biển with me to explore the lands for a place to set up camp while I searched for any Indians so we they knew we would mean them no harm if it was one thing that Pocahontas...
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Chapter 8: The Choice

But sadly that wasn't the case neither Ariel hoặc John could stop thinking about the other it had only been only a few days and already was falling head over heels for him "Ugh why is this happening again?" she đã đưa ý kiến to herself inside her grotto her best friend bởi her side "What's happening again Ariel?" asked cá bơn, bồ câu "Oh I'm falling for another human and I don't even know him why do I keep making the same mistake? what is it with humans why can't I just stay away from them like daddy wants me to what wrong with me?." cá bơn, bồ câu didn't know how to answer he was just a young...
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I do NOT own this. This belongs to Cerseiisms; on Youtube. :)
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