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 The Professional Assassin and The Snow Queen
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Can bạn guess which movie I got to see recently?! This is the uncut manip of my biểu tượng and bạn can use it as your hình nền if bạn want :) I tình yêu these two so much(buuut not too sure about shipping these two. Sure Elsa's 21 but I'm not feeling it with 'em).
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Chapter Two: The Discovery

She climbed up a tree. Weapon in hand. Trying to force it to go through her.

"Hey!" a boy yelled

bạn could hear him climbing up the cây ever so slightly. This boy was unfamiliar to her. He had blonde hair and was wearing blue.

"If you're going to kill your self at least do it the right way." He joked

"I'm John Smith."
"I'm Ariel."
"So, what's your reason."
"Nothing good."
"It's been 12 seconds, and I can already tell your a good person, don't kill your self over that."
Ariel sighed.
"Maybe I'm good, but I know I'm stupid, have no confidence,and......."
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