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 I cant believe we did this
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Rapunzel's hair flows in the air as she rides toothless for the first time. Hiccup is at the reigns of Toothless. and still no trusing the dragon Jack flys beside.
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Part of a MEP ^^; I tried. x3
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oliver and marie
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 Spirit looked and saw the faces of his mother, Juliana, Sir Lionel, and best of Kayley
Spirit looked and saw the faces of his mother, Juliana, Sir Lionel, and best of Kayley
[This is the prologue for my new người hâm mộ fic]

Kayley was excited, today Esperzana (her mother's horse) was about to give birth. She had been waiting for days then she heard the sound of a horse whinnying in pain. Kayley ran to the stable to find her father was already there trying to calm her down. Kayley sat down tiếp theo to her and stroked the mare gently, urging her to keep pushing. Then a little yellow head appeared neighing loudly. The little guy blinked he looked around and saw the faces of his mom, Lionel, Juliana, and best of all Kayley. She smiled at him and he smiled back. Juliana asked "what...
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 Sometimes tình yêu can be hell!
Sometimes love can be hell!
When seventeen năm old Jim Hawkins turns to his great grandmother for Lời khuyên on love, the Empress tells him a story of a young woman and an older man...

In the late 1400s (1482 to be precise) a young woman named Belle becomes a maid and personal assistant to the much older Judge Claude Frollo. Frollo finds himself attracted to her angelic voice, as well as her kind nature and soon an unconventional romance develops.

But this is France in a time when such things are frowned upon.

Belle's best Những người bạn Aurora and Ariel can't help thinking there's something strangely unnatural about Belle's relationship...
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really loved this video when I found it on youtube, don't know if it's been đã đệ trình here already but whatever ^w^
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