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 Whos in the Mirror Today?
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Cover your eyes little Lọ lem looks like Gaston has a big surprise. xoxo
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Lọ lem
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 Ariel hugging her mother's âm nhạc box
Ariel hugging her mother's music box
"Ariel, ever since the ngày I met you, I have always loved you." "Oh Jim..."

Seventeen-year-old mermaid, Princess Ariel lays down on her seashell bed. She holds onto her mothers âm nhạc box and hugs it. The whole underwater room is filled with her chatty sisters. "Oh my gosh, did bạn see her hair this morning?" Attina tells her closest sister, Arista. "Oh my gosh! I did! It was sooooooo ugly!" "Who are girls talking about?" Another one of their sisters awith a lavender tail and blond hair in a bun asks. "Oh...nobody Andrina." Arista says. Ariel sighs. "Okay, what's up with you?" Ariel's older sister,...
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 “Read us another.”
“Read us another.”
Belle was surprised how quickly she adjusted to a new life. Though she was a little afraid to venture outside just yet, she spent each ngày instead helping Tiana and Naveen to cook and clean and keeping an eye on the younger children whenever hoa nhài hoặc Facilier hoặc Jack were out. The girls came to tình yêu her; especially when she read to them. Amongst the few things she had taken with her, she had carted all the sách she actually owned along with her, and a few of these were fairytales hoặc fantaisie tales from her childhood, perfect for the younger children. Sometimes Clopin took it into his head...
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