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Would it be possible to create a danh sách with all the crossover clubs?

Hi :) I hope not to disturb but I was wondering, since on fanpop there are many minor các câu lạc bộ about crossover parings hoặc specific kind of crossover and often they are kinda difficult to find, would it be possible/ok/a good idea to create a danh sách of them all?
 Bleedgirl87 posted hơn một năm qua
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Lanalamprouge said:
it might be. it makes me feel kinda limited on only Disney crossover b/c there is usually at least one Disney character in the crossover but what about non/non Disney and OC'S? I know we post up that stuff anyway but the tiêu đề is then kinda a misnomer...and there are all the other các câu lạc bộ that have crossover too so it would be cool to see a danh sách of them but hard because of the difficulty of locating them all give it a try ma'am it'd be interesting and if bạn need help I kinda am subscribed to a lot of the crossover các câu lạc bộ so here are the names of a few(though most have died off due to neglect)

animated crossovers
cartoon crossover couples
crossover couples
Disney princess crossover
non-disney Disney manips crossover club

those are the only ones i have :(
hope it helps even if their dead
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posted hơn một năm qua 
Thank you, you've surely helped :D I think I'll open a discussion in the diễn đàn to danh sách them all and so everyone will be able to danh sách the ones that he/she knows :3 My only doubt is... do I need a permission to do that hoặc can I just do that? o.o
Bleedgirl87 posted hơn một năm qua
I don't think bạn need permission to start a diễn đàn hoặc anything like that but bạn can ask some of the others. there's no moderator so i think iskay
Lanalamprouge posted hơn một năm qua
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