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Season 1:
1+2.) Mother and Child Reunion
3.) Family Politics
4.) Eye of the Beholder
5.) Parents' Day
6.) The Mating Game
7.) bóng rổ Diaries
8.) Secrets & Lies
9.) Coming of Age
10.) Rumours and Reputations
11.) Friday Night
12.) Wannabe
13.) Cabaret
14.) Under Pressure
15.) Jagged Little Pill

Season 2:
16+17.) When Doves Cry
18.) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
19.) Karma Chameleon
20.) Weird Science
21.) Drive
22+23.) Shout
24.) Mirror in the Bathroom
25.) Take My Breath Away
26.) Don't Believe the Hype
27+28.) White Wedding
29.) Careless Whisper
30.) Hot for Teacher
31.) Message in a Bottle
32.) Relax
33.) Dressed in Black
34.) Fight for Your Right
35.) How Soon is Now?
36+37.) Tears Are Not Enough

Season 3:
38+39.) Father Figure
40.) U Got the Look
41+42.) Pride
43.) Gangsta Gangsta
44.) Should I Stay hoặc Should I Go?
45.) Whisper to a Scream
46.) Against All Odds
47.) Never Gonna Give bạn Up
48+49.) Holiday
50.) This Charming Man
51+52.) Accidents Will Happen
53.) Take On Me
54.) Don't Dream It's Over
55.) Rock & Roll High School
56.) It's Raining Men
57.) I Want Candy
58.) Our House
59.) The Power of Love

Season 4:
60+61.) Ghost in the Machine
62.) King of Pain
63.) Mercy Street
64.) Anywhere I Lay My Head
65.) Islands in the Stream
66+67.) Time Stands Still
68.) Back in Black
69.) Neutron Dance
70+71.) Voices Carry
72.) Bark at the Moon
73+74.) Secret
75.) Eye of the Tiger
76.) Queen of Hearts
77.) Modern Love
78.) Moonlight Desires
79.) West End Girls
80+81.) Going Down the Road

Season 5:
82+83.) Venus
84.) Death of a Disco Dancer
85.) Foolin'
86.) Weddings, Parties, Anything
87.) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
88+89.) Turned Out
90.) Tell it to My Heart
91.) Redemption Song
92+93.) The Lexicon of Love
94.) Together Forever
95.) I Against I
96+97.) Our Lips are Sealed
98.) Total Eclipse of the Heart
99+100.) High Fidelity

Season 6:
101+102.) Here Comes Your Man
103.) True Colours
104.) Can't Hardly Wait
105+106.) Eyes Without a Face
107.) Working for the Weekend
108.) Crazy Little Thing Called Love
109+110.) What's It Feel Like to be a Ghost?
111.) Rock This Town
112.) The Bitterest Pill
113.) If bạn Leave
114+115.) Free Fallin'
116.) tình yêu My Way
117.) Sunglasses at Night
118+119.) Don't bạn Want Me?

Season 7:
120+121.) Standing in the Dark
122.) tình yêu is a Battlefield
123.) It's Tricky
124+125.) Death hoặc Glory
126.) We Got the Beat
127.) Jessie's Girl
128.) Hungry Eyes
129.) Pass the Dutchie
130.) Owner of a Lonely Heart
131.) Live to Tell
132+133.) Bust a Move
134.) Got My Mind Set on You
135.) Sweet Child O' Mine
136.) Talking in Your Sleep
137.) Another Brick in the Wall
138.) Broken Wings
139.) Ladies' Night
140.) Everything She Wants
141.) Don't Stop Believin'
142.) If This Is It
143.) We Built This City

Season 8:
144+145.) Uptown Girl
146.) Fight the Power
147.) Didn't We Almost Have It All?
148.) Man with Two Hearts
149.) With hoặc Without You
150.) Money for Nothing
151+152.) Mất tích in Love
153.) Bad Medicine
154.) Causing a Commotion
155.) Heat of the Moment
156+157.) Jane Says
158.) Touch of Grey
159.) tim, trái tim of Glass
160.) Up Where We Belong
161.) Danger Zone
162-165.) Paradise City/Degrassi Goes Hollywood

Season 9:
166+167.) Just Can't Get Enough
168.) Shoot to Thrill
169.) Close to Me
170.) bạn Be Illin'
171.) Wanna Be Startin' Something
172+173.) Beat It
174.) Waiting for a Girl Like You*
175.) Somebody*
176+177.) tim, trái tim Like Mine
178.) Holiday Road
179.) Start Me Up
180+181.) Why Can't This Be Love?**
182.) Innocent When bạn Dream
183.) In Your Eyes
184.) Keep on Loving You
185-188.) The Rest of My Life/Degrassi Takes Manhattan/The Heat Is On

Season 10:
1+2.) What a Girl Wants
3+4.) Breakaway
5+6.) 99 Problems
7+8.) Better Off Alone
9.+10.) I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself
11+12.) Try Honesty
13+14.) bạn Don't Know My Name
15+16.) My Body Is a Cage ***
17+18.) Tears Dry on Their Own
19+20.) Still Fighting It
21+22.) Purple Pills
23+24.) All Falls Down
25+26.) Don't Let Me Get Me
27+28.) tình yêu Lockdown
29+30.) Umbrella
31+32.) Halo
33+34.) When tình yêu Takes Over
35+36.) The Way We Get By
37+38.) Jesus, Etc.
39+40.) Hide and Seek
41+42.) Chasing Pavements
43+44.) Drop the World

Season 11:
1+2.) Boom Boom Pow ****
3.) LoveGame
4.) What's My Age Again?
5.) Idioteque
6+7.) Cry Me a River
8+9.) Dirt Off Your Shoulder
10+11.) Paper Planes
12+13.) Should've đã đưa ý kiến No
14+15.) U Don't Know
16+17.) Lose Yourself
18+19.) Mr. Brightside
20+21.) Extraordinary Machine
22+23.) Drop It Like It's Hot
24+25.) Don't Panic
26+27.) Take a Bow
28+29.) Dead & Gone
30+31.) Nowhere to Run
32+33.) Underneath It All
34+35.) Can't Tell Me Nothing
36+37.) Not Ready to Make Nice
38+39.) Need bạn Now
40+41.) Smash Into You
42+43.) Hollaback Girl
44+45.) In the Cold, Cold Night

* Called tình yêu Games in the US
** Called Broken Promises in the US
*** Called Stronger in the US
**** Called Spring Fever in the US
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season 9
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Maya and Campbell ship video.
campbell saunders
maya matlin
người hâm mộ video
deleted scene
người hâm mộ video
chim giẻ cùi, jay
người hâm mộ video
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i cant believe degrassi will be ending in the 9th season!! i hope the-n will reconsider this. this season spinner shaves his head due to most likely having cancer/aids. its rumored sean asks emma to marry him and she says no, and lakehurst will be going to degrassi. peter ngày rapes darcy, all kinds of stuff will happen. i dont want to think they are becoming thêm intense so they can end the hiển thị with the most shocking episode ever!!!!! but i am glad the-n will be its own channel soon. most of this is almost 100% true but some might be false rumor hoặc differnt
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