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Cinders posted on Dec 07, 2007 at 12:17AM
What do you think? Everyone has an opinion on them, unless they've never heard of them. Some people think they're hilarious, some people think they're disgustingly morbid, and some people know they're morbid but love them anyway.

An example of a dead baby joke:

Q: How do you get ten dead babies to fit in a barrel?

A: Wood chipper.

Q: How do you get them out of the barrel?

A: Tortilla chips.

I'm of the belief that yes, of course dead baby jokes are morbid and evil-- if you think about it. But the best thing about dead baby jokes are telling them to people and seeing their horrified reactions.

Does this make me a terrible person?

I leave you with this question: What's better than finding ten dead babies in one dumpster?

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hơn một năm qua kateliness2 said…
Is it finding 100 dead babies in 10 dumpsters?

I hate these. Blech. And ever since I said how awful they were at school, everyone has been coming up with new ones to tell me or just annoying me with ones I've already heard.

Isn't the maturity level of many high schoolers fascinating?
hơn một năm qua dazl said…
Its kind of a way of coping. People make light of a tragic or horrifying event. People need these jokes because most people would never deam of hurting a child, least of all an innocent baby. These are kind of a worst case scenario. I think I have forgotten my point. I will return..
hơn một năm qua Cinders said…
No, kateliness, it's finding one dead baby in ten. ;o)

But yeah, I think you have a point, dazl. The thing is, you can't dwell on it too much, because if you think about it of course it'll make you nauseous. That's why they're all one liners. You say it, you laugh, you move on.
hơn một năm qua dazl said…
Exacty. Its like the jokes about Diana after she was killed.

What does Diana stand for?
Died In A Nasty Accident

Diana was beloved by people, and this joke was a guilty laugh that reinforced the event. In one way these jokes serve as a grim reminder about the dangers of society. These jokes reinforce a social taboo-hurting children- in a way everyone remembers.
hơn một năm qua nonames said…
im not offended but i definately hate these jokes. They really gross me out. Usually im easily amused and laugh at everything, but i get really put off by these. I dont care if other people like them, that doesnt bother me, but if you know i dont like them, dont purposely tell them around me. Thats what frustrates me.
hơn một năm qua DrDevience said…
I think they're funny as hell... so if you're evil then so am I ;>
hơn một năm qua meeee said…
This isn't really a dead baby joke more of a ginger joke:
Woman is getting an ultra-sound
Doctor:I've got good news and bad news.
Woman:Can I have the bad news first?
Doctor:Your baby is a ginger.
Woman:Oh No what will I do it's too late to have an abortion.
Doctor:You didn't let me finish the good news is that the baby is dead.

I don't like these jokes but I don't get offended by them I'm like nonames I laugh at everything just not these jokes I'm just like That's awful.
hơn một năm qua harold said…
My opinion is the same as for jokes making fun of any ethnic or cultural group, or people with physical or mental handicaps. I have a joke about Californians that I'm very fond of, for instance. They are very often offensive in the extreme. But I think everyone has a need to get offended periodically, even if they aren't aware of that need. So while I relate to discussions of dead offspring in a different way as a parent than I did when I was a teen, I can still see the humor. I can also see that, if one of my children died, I would probably not be able to handle telling one of my favorite jokes anymore (which is slightly similar to meee's joke, above). But am I going to be bent out of shape when others tell the joke? I don't think so, and I think it's pretty silly to express outrage in an online forum over offensive speech (as distinct from obscene or hate speech, of course).