thảo luận Is Palin's "Decision" another word for "Choice"?

Cinders posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 09:41PM
First of all, this is NOT a personal attack. Every family has its issues and Palin's is no exception. I respect that, and I don't think it has any relevance to this presidential race.

No, this is about her policies.

I was watching Jon Stewart and Newt Gingrich yesterday, as I'm sure were a few of you. See what I'm talking about link (according to my German friend, this is NOT just America-only!).


"This was Bristol's decision and we should honor that," Jon Stewart paraphrases from Palin, and then goes onto later say, "Isn't decision another word for choice?"

I know there are a lot of pro-lifers here, but there are also pro-lifers... with exceptions. And Palin wants to outlaw abortion even in the case of rape. Now, first of all, I don't care that her daughter's pregnant. I think they're handling it well, actually, and I feel sorry that her daughter has to go through this in front of the public eye. I do not judge her daughter for her choices, nor do I think it says anything about Palin as a mother or even as a VP candidate. Like I said earlier, that's irrelevant.

But I have to agree with Jon-- If they chose to have the baby, that's still a choice. And, as a pro-choicer (who hears the cries of pro-lifers, really, I do), I still feel that it IS a choice that the parents of a child and the family should make. NOT the government. I don't think it's a choice that should be made lightly by any means, but I still feel it's a choice to make.

What do you guys think of this? And that daily show video?
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hơn một năm qua SG1-090 said…
I'm going to be honest - i respect people who are prolife but when these people want laws to be changed so that abortion is banned or made illegal it makes me fucking angry!

To me that isn't prolife it's antichoice and that's just fucking terrible! Anyway sorry, i don't respect what she wants to do with abortion laws and i can't believe people still think like that it seriously disturbs me.

And i get what you mean about the choice/decision point, but i think if she is a prolifer it isn't so much a choice as something they did/will do because they feel they have to - if you know what i mean - still a choice BUT not i making sense? Like some hardcore catholics would probably prefer to use contraceptives but they don't because they believe it's morally wrong - or they'll be punished or something - they choose to do this but they don't feel like they have a choice.
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hơn một năm qua kateliness2 said…
I'm pro-life with exceptions... I honestly feel that a person should take responsibility for their actions. It is a 'way out', no matter how much they carefully consider it. If they choose to have an abortion, they don't want to accept the consequences of their actions.

And I do believe that it's a person. Being without full cognitive development does not make someone less of a person.

There are some situations where I can see abortion as an option... to name one, that the mother's life is in extreme danger with the child. Otherwise, I accept it as a horrible misuse of the rights we have in in the United States.

A note: I'd like to bring up in advance the option of adoption. Pro-choicers almost always seem to forget about adoption.
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hơn một năm qua Cinders said…
I DON'T forget about adoption, but what pro-lifers seem to forget is the quality of life for foster kids in this country. A good solid chunk of them don't get adopted, end up on the street, or fall into criminal behavior.

I DON'T believe that an embryo is a child. But that is the difference between us.

I also don't see it as shirking responsibility. I do see it as a choice. But I understand where pro-lifers are coming from.

I didn't want to start a pro-life pro-choice debate necessarily. I wanted to know if Palin's no-abortion-ever policy and her situation are related.
hơn một năm qua kateliness2 said…
Sorry Cinders, I didn't mean to start a debate. And not all people forget about adoption - I've just seen many arguments for 'having to take care for the rest of your life' or a 'life-long commitment' in the past.

I must say that I would never abort a child because it might not get adopted. But again, I suppose that's another difference between us.

But, I digress. "Decision" and "choice" can be interchangeable, if you take this from the perspective of someone would could possibly have gone with side. A decision can be something you were going to do no matter what, but it is still a decision while you have other options available :)
hơn một năm qua amazondebs said…
okay i don't think it matter whether you are pro-choice or pro-life

the law shouldn't stop women from having abortions because there always will be abortions no matter what the law is and if you really are pro life i'm sure you don't want women or teenage girl getting abortions that are more like butchering than surgery or poisoning their bodies just to escape their situation
hơn một năm qua DrDevience said…
No offense to her children, but my stance is that Palin should not have been allowed to breed. I'd trust her daughter more than her, though, as VP...

Palin is fucking idiot puppet, and once again the rest of the world is laughing so hard they're crying over US stupidity.