thảo luận High School Seen Bởi The Eyes Of 7th And 8thgraders

mac posted on Jun 13, 2008 at 02:13AM
me and my freinds recently graduated from a 7th and 8th grade program that was in a high school. we had classes with high schoolers we were basicaly high schoolers. because of our unsual status we made a list of all the things that we thought were funyy, crazy, or disturbing

You know you’re in a high school when…

1) Your mission is college.
2) The teacher says, “Come here RIGHT NOW!” and the student says “No.”
3) There is an abstinence poster in the back of your classroom.
4) The teacher says “I’m going to write you up!” and the student says, “I don’t see you doing it.”
5) The student asks to leave the room, the teacher says no, and the student walks out anyway.
6) …The teacher closes the door so said student will know not to come back in and he comes in anyway.
7) A student is late to class, so the sub won’t let them in, so the student starts cursing out the sub.
8) You watch an R-rated movie in science class.
9) A student is listening to his ipod in class and it is turned up so loud the entire class can hear it. The teacher tells the student to turn it off and the student turns it up.
10) …The teacher gets mad and threatens to write the student up if he doesn’t turn his ipod off, so he turns it down by 1,
11) The teacher gets mad at a student and tells him that if he doesn’t stop talking and pay attention, he’ll have to go into the hall. She asks if he wants to go to the hall and he responds with “Are there chairs in the hall? I’ll go if there are chairs.”
12) Two students are walking down the hall and you hear one say to the other, sounding completely horrified, “You’re actually going to class today?!”
13) The teacher tells a student to leave their pants.
14) There are people making out in front of the college resource center.
15) People throw drugs at a teacher.
16) There are only 2 people less then 20 minutes late to class.
17) You disco in Latin class.
18) The teacher isn’t at all upset that only half the class is present (and none are signed out).
19) They play “Sexy Back” over the intercom between classes.
20) Half the class turns in a very important assignment a month late.
21) You see a boy changing pants in front of the school building.
22) When walking to class with someone of the opposite gender, a girl you don’t know walks up to you and tries to sell you condoms.
23) A boy tries to sell you a porn DVD for $50.
24) A pair of goth kids start making out in front of the lunch line.
25) A teacher calls the police on a student.
26) A teacher gives a student the silent treatment.
27) A teacher makes fun of a student behind the student’s back.
28) A student calls another student “sperm-mouth.”
29) Kids play blackjack during lunch.
30) A teacher calls a student a slut.
31) A teacher calls you a mofo.
32) You hear a student talking about how he paid a teacher off.
33) Someone tries to sell you a joint.
34) You have a sub who doesn’t realize that 3 kids in the classroom aren’t supposed to be there.
35) The boys in you class are unable to concentrate because the teacher is wearing a very revealing shirt.
36) You have to take 2 absolutely pointless fieldtrips because someone forgot to fill out a form
37) You have to be at school, but you can’t be in school.
38) You hear a boy say to another “I’ll give you ten bucks if you rape that girl.”
39) …The 2 boys get into a long discussions of the benefits of the deal.
40) Someone you don’t know starts to tickle you.
41) Some girls refuse to change in the locker room without using the stalls because they claim there is a lesbian girl with their gym period.
42) The classroom next to yours is having a test on the female reproductive system.
43) The teacher yells at a student and tells him to stop flirting with girls 5 years younger than him.
44) Someone 5 years older than you asks you your weight,
45) Someone 5 years older than you acts like he’s going to ask you to a dance.
46) A student is on a computer and is playing music very loudly. The teacher tells her to turn it off, and the student gets mad and starts yelling about why she should care that the teacher doesn’t like her music.
47) A teacher kicks a student out of the room. Later, she goes to check on him and the whole class can hear her yelling, “Why are your pants off?!”
48) You hear 2 girls telling the following true (supposedly) story: a girl’s boyfriend was getting a BJ from another girl in the stairways and got caught by a teacher. They say the teacher said, “Get that penis out of your mouth and step away from the penis!”
49) A boy is walking through the hall and another random boy slaps him on the butt.
50) Someone tries to pass off a McDonald’s receipt as a tardy pass.
51) You’re working during class and another student asks you why. You say, “Because you’re supposed to work during class,” and the student says, “You are?”
52) A student throws a ball of paper at another student and the teacher asks why. The student says, “Because he threw one at me first.” The teacher says “I don’t care.” and the student says, “I don’t care either.”
53) A teacher is talking to a student who cuts often. He says, “Congratulations, you came to class 12 days this quarter. That’s a record for you!”
54) You’re 8th graders, but you’re 9th graders.
55) A teacher has to talk to your division about behavior every day for a week.
56) A teacher catches a student texting during class and tells him to stop. The student says, “As soon as I finish this text.”
57) A student tells the class that a teacher (and coach for a sport) got arrested for drinking in an alley after a meet.
58) You hear a student telling another about how she got pregnant a year ago.
59) A boy says to you, “Why would I want another kid? I already have 2.”
60) Your Latin class discusses ancient abortion pills.
61) A classmate says to you, “My daughter is adorable! She’s two.”
62) A disturbing conversation during lunch leads you to realize that “Fun with Dick and Jane” isn’t just a storybook anymore.
63) A student claims that another student is on medication to reduce horny-ness.
64) …After the 2nd student takes her “medication,” the 1st student asks if she is having the urge to hump something.
65) During lunch, you hear a girl yell “Woo! Rip his clothes off!”
66) A student accuses 3 girls of raping a boy.
67) Five girls are feeling on a boy at once in the middle of lunch.
68) A student goes to retrieve another student and comes back saying that he is busy raping a girl.
69) A student takes out a juice pack at lunch and another asks, “Is that one drugged?”
70) A boy tries to sow you a porn video on his PSP.
71) A girl yells, “I put my son in my locker and you knocked him on the floor!”
72) Someone throws an orange at a teacher.
73) The librarian is yelling at your division to be quiet during a test, while she is watching TV extremely loudly.
74) You hear more cursing in one lunch period at school than you would in 5 hours of TV.
75) The “You have 1 minute left to get to class” announcement is interrupted by the bell ringing.
76) The classroom is so noisy that it is only after the teacher yells at the students to be quiet so she can hear the announcements that anyone realizes the intercom was ever on.
77) A teacher is convinced that she knows how to pronounce a student’s name better than the student.
78) There is a “pimp” at you lunch table with a fake ipod.
79) A boy convinces a group of girls to seduce another boy during lunch so that he can win a bet.
80) A boy goes around asking boys to go out with 2 twins named Karen and Martha. He later informs than that Karen and Martha are a girl’s breasts.
81) A group of girls gang up on a boy with long hair and try to hold him down so they can braid it.
82) A boy keeps bugging a girl to let him wear her pink flower bandana because it’s “gansta.”
83) A group of girls give a boy a makeover during lunch. In the end, he has pompons in his hair, jewelry, and pink sequined headband.
84) A teacher says, “I’ve already called the parents of 3 students. Who’s next?” and a student raises his hand.
85) Teachers bet on your debate team.
86) A teacher curses a student out.
87) You watch a movie about prostitution in Spanish class.
88) …Said movie involves a woman having sex with a cow.
89) …During the movie, the teacher covers the screen with paper multiple times, but you can still see.
90) After a student makes a perverted joke and everyone laughs, the teacher comments that it’s good that everyone in the class is old enough to get those jokes, because in his younger classes, half the kids are just really confused.
91) …Said teacher had an administrator behind him the entire time and he didn’t realize it.
92) A boy flashes a girl during school.
93) A boy tells you that it is his ambition to flick a quarter into a girl’s shirt.
94) When walking through the hall, a boy you’ve never met holds up a piece of wood and asks you if you “ever got beat with a paddle.”
95) A teacher calls you sadistic.
96) Your gym teacher has to threaten the boys in your PE class with lost points to get them to stop showing their underwear,
97) Two students tell everyone that a teacher got drink off of maple syrup and soda pop.
98) In the middle of class, a boy randomly holds up a pair of gym shorts and yells, “Did anybody lose their shirts?”
99) A teacher makes a student get a tardy pass 3 times in 1 period.
100) You see 2 teachers cursing at each other.
101) Your teacher doesn’t react at all when 2 students in her class start talking about who they beat up last year.
102) Your Latin class gets into a discussion about Family Guy.
103) Two words: Footsie orgy.
104) You spend half a class period (NOT Health) talking about STDs.
105) A boy says to a group of friends, “Guys, stop molesting each other!”
106) A group of students take turns riding down the stairs on a skateboard without wheels coated in Vaseline.
107)…Only after everyone has taken a turn does one of these students notice that a security camera was pointed at them the whole time.
108) A teacher explains to a student what a douche is.
109) You see 3 teachers attempt to dance the soulja boy.
110) A teacher assigns an opinion writing assignment and tells you that you will lose points if you don’t write exactly what she tells you to.
111) Two boys get into an argument about the meanings on “hoo hoo” and “ha ha” and how many are on a female’s body.
112) Your class is going crazy and the teacher randomly yells, “Who needs a psychiatrist?” and 7 people raise their hands.
113) A boy asks a girl if he can snap her bra straps.
114) A group of boys stare at a girl’s chest and attempt to guess her cup size.
115) Two boys play “basketball” in the lunchroom, attempting to throw pieces of paper into a girl’s shirt.
116) …One of said boys comments, “If it goes in, I’m going in to get it out.”
117) A boy claims to have successfully thrown a quarter into a girl’s shirt.
118) The kids in your science class make the phrase “Can I see your organisms?” sound sexual.
119) A student claims that he knows when a teacher is “getting some.”
120) A boy says to a girl, “We need a nickname for you… I’m thinking “Breasts.”
121) A girl says to a boy at lunch, “Do you really have to watch you rape her while we’re eating? Take her to a broom closet.”
122) A boy asks a girl if she wants to be a stripper for his birthday party and she says “sure.”
123) A girl sits on a boy’s lap and he says, “If you feel something poking you…”
124) A teacher initiates a footworking contest in class.
125) A teacher breaks the ceiling in a classroom.
126) At lunch, you see a boy attempting to shove a water bottle up his butt.
127) A girl bites a boy on the elbow during class.
128) A boy yells to another in a comforting tone, “Come here! I just want to kick you… really hard.”
129) At lunch, a group of kids regularly come over to your table and ask you to join their orgy.
130) Two kids get into a 10-minute debate about whether or not a figure on their geometry homework is an isosceles trapezoid.
131) You look up from your work and randomly hear a girl saying, “…So I told him to take the condom home.”
132) A student calls a teacher “Baby.”
133) Your teacher comments that her class should get a facebook page.
134) A boy loudly tells a group of people that he can give himself head.
135) a boy goes around taking a “survey” by asking every girl he sees if her boobs are ticklish.
136) …The boy claims that one girl said “yes” when he asked her.
137) In the middle of a class discussion, a student randomly blurts out to the teacher, “You have really nice biceps.”
138) A boy randomly starts petting another boy during lunch.
139) During lunch, a boy stops talking mid-rant to ask the boy behind him, “Are you humping my chair?”
140) Students start a conversation with a teacher about superior types of alcohol.
141) A boy asks everyone in the class (girls AND boys), “on a scale on 1 to 10, what would you rate my butt?”
142) A teacher calls a student “dipstick.”
143) A boy starts a long discussion about the best small objects to throw down a girl’s shirt so they’ll get stuck.
144) During Spanish class, a girl starts “giving the window a lap dance” while conjugating verbs.
145) You’re late foe your 2nd period class because your first period teacher refuses to let people leave because she is convinced that the bell is wrong.
146) …Said teacher says that all students who left their classes when the bell rang are “mad dogs for the bell.”
147) A boy dances around singing that he has mangoes in his pants.
148) A student tells a teacher that another student hit him and the teacher responds by saying that he never does anything in these situations because the student who gets hit always deserves it.
149) You are sitting in class and you realize that the boy sitting next to you isn’t wearing pants. You ask him why and he responds by saying that he didn’t even realize that he wasn’t wearing them.
150)…The boy then realizes that he left his pants in the lunchroom.
151) A boy goes around singing this son: “I have skittles in my pants, skittles in my pants, in my pants, taste MY rainbow.”
152) The kids and teacher in your class tell stories about teachers and students beating each other up at their old schools.
153) A girl flashes 2 boys during PE class.
154) A girl stores an egg for a science project between her breasts.
155) …Two boys conspire as to how to smash the egg while it’s there,
156) A boy and girl get into a heated debate over what color the girl’s bra is.
157) Two girls fins a box a teacher office containing sugar, artificial sweeteners, and a beaker. They reach the conclusion that it is how teachers get high.
158) A boy finds a pair of lacy black underwear under his desk while taking a test.
159) Two boys count how many times a girl pushes her breasts together during a test.
160) …They count 79.
161) A teacher tells a student that he will die a fiery death by falling into a pit of magma.
162) A teacher has to spend 10 minutes teaching students how to march (right, together, left, together… repeat until insane).
163) You can read through this entire list and not be surprised.

i posted this to see what people think of high schools in the U.S.
this is a public high school in inner city chicago


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