Sổ tay tử thần Who is your favourite character in Death Note?

Pick one:
Yagami Light, the first Kira
The great detective, l
Amane Misa, the hot girlfriend
Ryuk, the Shinigami who loves eating apples
Matsuda, the comic relief
Near, L's successor
Mello, the jealous genius
i dont know alot bout death note but hear itz good...
i dont know alot bout death note but hear itz good so cant tell
Added by Sasuto23
Mikami Teru
Added by DJCulture
Light and l - both awesome
Added by ArishimaHana
Light&# 39; s sister... she&# 39; s just so innocent (lol)
Light's sister...she's just so innocent (lol)
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ryuk& amp; l
l and Near
l and Near
Added by Neliei
l and Mello
l and Mello
Added by Mellofangirl
Rem! she sexiest shinigami ^^
Rem! she sexiest shinigami ^^
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A, BB, Mello, Matt, L, Near
Added by itachifan1
Wammy's Boys !! l (<3), Mello (<3), Near (<3), Matt (<3), A (<3) & BB 8<3)
Added by fan_of_arts
Ryuk, L, Light
Added by redyoshi
Matt & Ryuk :]
Added by Tsunadee
l and Matsuda ... the genious and the ... um ... Oh well, I still tình yêu him!
Added by myra_elric
l and Ryuk
Added by Hiling99
L, Ryuk, and Matauda! : 3
L, Ryuk, and Matauda! :3
Added by wave1095
Rem and l
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