Sổ tay tử thần Contest for a New Look for This Club ~

IllusionDolls posted on Jan 23, 2014 at 03:32AM
According to my recent poll in this fan club, most are in favor of this fan club having a new look. For fun, we shall hold a competition. =)

Terms of Submissions
-You may submit both and icon and a banner that you would like to be used for this fan club
-You must make your submissions yourself
-You can submit as many as you want
-It is fine if you want to only submit an icon, or only submit a banner
-Please assure that both are a convenient size
-When the time comes to vote for the new icon and banner, voting for your own submission is absolutely fine

It very well seems that the creator of this club is no longer active on Fanpop. When we have an outcome, I will contact an administrator and have them take care of changing the icon and banner. :)

Have fun ~

(The picture below is not relevant to the submissions in any way.)
 According to my gần đây phiếu bầu in this người hâm mộ club, most are in favor of this người hâm mộ club having a new look. F

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