Days of Our Lives November Sweeps* (Major Spoilers)

samsgirl84 posted on Oct 21, 2008 at 04:51PM
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It's almost that time for November Sweeps! What lies ahead for the citizens of Salem? Here's a few previews according to Soap Opera Weekly:

Philip will offer Stephanie an internship at Titan. Is there a new pairing on the horizon or will things be strictly business between these two? Does Max fit into her life anymore?

Brady will return mid-November. What does this mean for Lucas and Chloe? And what about that hot kiss which Philip and Chloe shared at the pub on the Friday, October 3 episode? Philip and Chloe have yet to discuss it.

Nick is still interested in Melanie, but is she using him for her own financial gain?

Bo and Hope will discover who Trent's killer is. Is it Melanie, Nicole, or someone we would least expect?

Sadly, John and Marlena's divorce is final. What does this mean for their future? Will we ever get the "old" John back?

Salem gets a new mayor. Is it Abe?

As previously mentioned in my Steve and Kayla commentary, John will hire Steve to find the mayor's killer, which will not please Kayla. Let's hope this means that our beloved couple is on more than two days a month!

Sami gets a new guard named Rafael after she enters the Witness Protection Program. Is he a match for the fiesty Ms. Brady?

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