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williekerr27 posted on Jul 26, 2011 at 03:55AM
hi folks my name is tori ann steele
i'm a big fan of willie loomis and dark shadows.
since the 90's i was always attracted to willie loomis.
john karlen is a sexy actor.
anyone here like willie loomis?
well see ya all

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hơn một năm qua meagain said…
Hi, Tori. While I have to say that Barnabas and Julia are my two main loves on Dark Shadows, Willie comes in at a close third. John Karlen gave a very charismatic and memorable performance.
hơn một năm qua agingrapidly said…
Yes, Willie is one of my favorites, too.
hơn một năm qua msclea2012 said…
Hi, my name is cindy, and i have to say willie loomis is in my top 5 main characters. Barnabas is and will always be number one, Quentin is number two, Nicholas Blair is number three, Willie Loomis is number four, and last but never late is Joel Haskle Maggie evens boyfriend. But really i love all the characters and actors of Dark Shadows.
hơn một năm qua oldmanofanime said…
Hi,my name is Ed of all the soap operas back then Dark Shadows was my fave I liked Barnabas he was a cool vampire.Angelique was a beautiful and wicked witch.I liked Quentin he was the werewolf i believe.Does anyone remember the episodes about the walking hand?
hơn một năm qua willowwisp said…
The disembodied hand belonged to the villainous Count Petofi in Dark Shadows 1897 storyline. It was cut off by the gypsies. He eventually got it back. It was quite powerful. Count Petofi was the one who cured Quentin of his werewolf curse via a magic portrait that gave him immortality. Quentin's great-grandson Chris wasn't so lucky.
hơn một năm qua morlock13 said…