"No... Let me go! What are you?! Leave me alone!" Danny woke up from a terrible nightmare. He looked around. He was in the street. He struggled to stand up. He groaned. His body was in pain. He remembered the fight. "What did Fright Night do to me?" He asked himself. He checked his watch. It was three in the morning. "Shit." He covered his mouth. "Wait, did I just swear?!" He looked down at himself. "Well, looks like nothing happened to me besides bruises from the fight. But just in case, I should go trang chủ and rest." He transformed and flew home. There was still no one there. He frowned. "Where did they go? I couldn't find them anywhere and they didn't answer their phones." He laid down on the couch. "I guess I'll tìm kiếm for them after I rest." He fell asleep. As he slept, his wounds started to heal at a fast rate. This was no surprise though. He was half ghost after all. He slept for a few hours, but awoke from the house phone ringing. He answered it in the blink of an eye. "Hello?"

"Is this Daniel Fenton?" A voice asked.

"Yes. Who is this?" Danny questioned.

"I am a doctor from Amity Park's Hospital."

"Why did bạn call me?"

"I am sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but your father and mother died in a car crash. And your sister, hoa nhài Fenton, is on life support in our ER."

"W-what?!" Danny exclaimed, voice trembling. "But that can't be possible! It can't be..." He started to tear up.

"I'm sorry. We did the best we could."

"H-how long does my sister have?"

"Not that long. I suggest that bạn come to the hospital to say your farewell." The doctor hung up. Danny did the same. His tears ran down his face. He couldn't stop them. He threw on a hoodie and put the mui xe over his head, covering his face. He went to the hospital. A nurse led him to his sister. He lowered his hood. "Jazz..."

"Danny?" She weakly smiled. "Thank bạn for coming."

"What happened? Who did this? I'm so sorry for not being there!" Danny cried.

"The RV just went out of control. It was no one's fault. Please don't cry. It's not your fault." Jazz coughed.

"Jazz... Please don't die on me! bạn are the only family I have left! I don't want to alone! I can't go on on my own! Please sis!"

"Some things can't be helped Danny. I tình yêu y-" The heartbeat stopped. She was dead.

"Jazz!" He cried. He couldn't stop crying. His tears took over. The nurse pat his head.

"I'm so sorry. We tried." He told the young halfa.

"I know... But why did this happen to my family? They didn't deserve this!"

"I know they didn't. I know..."