I won't tình yêu but want

Sam burst inside the dark empty room of the apartments she share her room with Valerie and Star, They are her room mates , She locked herself and broke down in tears,

"Why always this happened to me?" She thought, "Why everyone tình yêu me just because of I'm rich? Why anyone don't try to see the soul inside me? Why anyone don't tình yêu me as who I am? Why anyone don't try to understand me? All of those girls are my friend just because I'm belongs to a rich family and all of those..." She couldn't complete when her lover Slash come through her mind, she start crying thêm worst.

"Hey Sam listen to me I really tình yêu you, please open the door" Alex knocking on the door forcefully " Just try to understand, Sam"

"No bạn don't" Sam replied.

"Sam what are bạn doing inside there, There's a ghost" She hear ngôi sao đã đưa ý kiến from outside background.

"I don't care if there's any ghost, A ghost will be much better then bạn people" Sam scream in hurtful sound.

"Sam open the door and if bạn don't, I'll break it in two pieces" Alex her boyfriend replied.

"I will not, Go to the hell and leave me alone, bạn fake people" Sam shout.

"Fake people? what do bạn mean?" Alex asked.

"You know what I mean Alex" Sam đã đưa ý kiến softly "And now I'm going to tell the world you're a cheater, A player who play with other's heart, Maybe someone survive to get hurt"

"SAM..." Alex bitterly đã đưa ý kiến her name then cool down "Sam look I don't know what are bạn talking about, I just know is 'I tình yêu you'"

"You can't run to the truth Alex I saw bạn and ngôi sao making out together, She is you're girl friend I should have to know this before I fall in tình yêu with you, bạn are really a jerk person I've meet in my life, bạn pretend to tình yêu me just because I'm rich, bạn don't tình yêu me but money"

"You!" Alex replied and break the door lock in anger, push the door forcefully and rush in.
Sam back away "Keep away from me or.."

"Or what? huh? How hard was to trapped you? How far I go to get bạn and now bạn want me to let bạn go, No I will not going to leave bạn anyway" He di chuyển closer , wrapped his hands around her waist, pull her closer.

"Don't touch me, bạn bastard"

"Grrrrh!" Slam her against the tường and held her wrists above her head.

"Leave me" She begin angrily "Let me go" in little crying sound with tears in her eyes when he di chuyển closer, She didn't saw him like this before she tình yêu him and hope to see little goodness inside of him but he break her hope step bởi step.

"Scared?" Alex asked. "How-bout this?" He grab her hands in his one, grab her neck bởi other one.

"I đã đưa ý kiến leave me" She struggle to set her self free.

"Don't shout babe, It's just..." Before he complete ,he get scars bởi her nails on his face, he backed away.

"I told bạn to let me go" Sam replied in anger and little scared.

"OH! So bạn want to fight, Let's fight" He step forward.

Before he come closer Sam run.

"OH! No,no,no bạn can't run" He held her wrists before she run "You start the fight first...and I'll finish it" He throw Sam at the tường and block her way bởi his arms on her both side. He could see in her eyes she's afraid of him. He smirk "So are bạn coming with me hoặc want a fight" He ask.

"No, I still won't be with you, I don't care if you'd kill me"

"So bạn still want fight"

She keep quite, never replied then he notice her amethyst eyes flash into green, Alex blink a moment.

"Yes I exactly want a fight" Sam replied in a boy voice.

Alex mouth wide open before he realize what just happening.

Sam cú đấm hard into his face and he fell to the ground, She held his hairs and drag him to the other side of the room bởi his hairs, slam his head into the tường again and again.

Outside ngôi sao and Valerie reached and listen Alex screaming, they peek inside and found Sam beating Alex so badly.

Blood slips down Alex head to his check, ngôi sao and Val stop her then she come to her scene and her eyes purple again.

"Aaaaaaaaaah!" Sam scream when she found Alex bleeding "What's going-on here? Who did this to him?"

Alex turn his head to look her, holding his head in his hands.

"You don't know?" Valerie ask.

"No!" Sam replied. Their eyes wide and they afraid of if they tell her she did this to him, she kill them too.

"Who did this?" Sam asked.

"We... we don't know who did this to him" ngôi sao thought Sam is crazy, mantle.

"A_Alex are bạn alright?" Sam sit beside him and he di chuyển away, afraid of she'll beat him again.

"We should take him hospital" ngôi sao đã đưa ý kiến as they both called help and bring Alex hospital while Sam was still in this room staring the ground.

"I didn't ever want this to happen to him" she đã đưa ý kiến to her self tears slip through her eyes.

"You don't need to care about it now" A voice đã đưa ý kiến and she thought she's talking to herself hoặc her mind talking to her.

"OK" She replied and di chuyển out of this room and get in her and her mates room and try to figure out who can do this to him, He was scaring her then someone come and beat him like hell and disappear before she could notice."I shouldn't care about it, He's a cheater and cheater deserved it" but still tears in her eyes.


They return back at the apartment, Val and ngôi sao step in side the room and found Sam on her bed.
"Is he alright" Sam ask still staring at the roof then turn her face to them.
"Yes but still in the hospital with his parents" Val replied.

"What bạn think who's behind all of this?" Sit on her butt.

"Aaam...um W-We don't know" Val replied hesitantly

"No bạn guys are hiding some thing to me?" Sam start.

"No, exactly not, what we can hide to bạn ? Right Star?" "Yes" ngôi sao replied.

"Are bạn guys thinking I did that?" Sam ask

"Who did this to my son?" A big man rushed inside the room. "Tell me who..." He stop when he saw Valerie and ngôi sao pointed towards Sam.

"ME!" Sam jaw drop.

"Yes you" She hear the voice đã đưa ý kiến towards the door and it was Alex.