Damon Salvatore I Got to meet Ian Yesterday!!

DefineDelicate posted on Jul 26, 2009 at 02:12AM
so I don't know if anyone knows this about me but I live in Covington, [where their filming VD mostly] and Last night my sister and I decided to visit the set [this is our second time] and I turned my head and saw the BEAUTIFUL Ian sanding by Paul Wesley eatting something. I waved, he waved back..after eatting his lunch, Ian started walking my direction and my Mind was in total shock.
"OMG OMG OMG OMG" because although I like Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder has my Heart and Damon is my favorite character from the books. so as he walked by, I was like "Ian can I have a pictures with you?" and he's like "YEAH!!" he walks right to me and says "What's your name?" and I'm like..."O_O Tiff...any" and he's like "Hi Tiffany, I'm Ian" and my sister's like "OMG he's so pretty" LOL he wrapped his arm around me and at this point I'm dying, because IAN SOMERHALDER IS TOUCHING ME OKAY?? I MEAN...IANNNNNNNNN...SOMERHALDER. IN PERSON!!! *dies*
So I'm like shaking, which I hoped he didn't notice, but it was pretty apparent, because I mean I WAS SHAKING BAD. and I'm like "OMG Your just like..making my day."
and what does Ian say?
"Your making my day Baby! High five" My heart literally went into my gut! as I high fived him. then he laughed and was like "YOUR GONNA WATCH THE SHOW RIGHT?" and i'm Like...duh..LOL then I had to say good bye, after all there was more fans, so he told me Good Night and left

I can die happy now. :)

ps-did I mention he was wearing a muscle shirt?? and sweaty? Oh yes baby. the picture doesn't do him justice. he's BEAUTIFUL. and so is Paul...but I mean like I said.. Ian has my ♥

and that's my story. here's a Picture to prove it :P

 so I don't know if anyone knows this about me but I live in Covington, [where their filming VD mostly

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