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The door of the Boarding House went open, but Damon didn’t bother to go see who it was. He was washing up all glasses he had used to drink. He heard footsteps, soft, it was a female. But again he didn’t bother. He didn’t expect Elena to come back.
The glass in his hand shattered into little pieces. He felt how Bonnie came closer to him and she lay her hand on his shoulder. He shivered, but didn’t turn around.
“There’s glass in your hand” Bonnie noted. “Let me help you” She wanted to take his hand to pick out the fragments, but Damon pulled his hand away. “Okay,...
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Elena got out of the shower. Drying her hair with a towel she went downstairs to open the door and let Caroline in.
“Hi” she đã đưa ý kiến as Caroline walked in.
“Hi” Caroline replied. “Can we talk?”
“Is it about Damon? ‘Cause then I don’t want to hear it” Elena kind of begged.
“Well, I’m sorry, but it is” Caroline said. “And I think bạn should hear this”
Elena shrugged. “Fine, then” she sighed. “Let’s go to my room, I don’t want Jeremy nor Ric to hear us”
And thus Caroline followed Elena upstairs. As Elena fell down on the giường she looked at Caroline. “So, what...
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She walked to the closet and pulled out some ngẫu nhiên clothes when she heard a thick. She walked to the window, but didn’t see anything out of place.
“Aaah!” Elena screamed. Damon appeared out of nowhere.
“Sssh!” he hissed. “Ric can’t know I’m here”
“Are bạn flying?” Elena asked a little shocked as she looked out of the window.
“No, I’m trying really hard not lose my grip, so if bạn could let me in, that would be very nice” Damon said. Elena stepped aside and Damon threw his legs over the window-ledge.
“Why are bạn here, Damon?” Elena asked.
“I want to...
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Elena was lying on the giường her eyes wide open. Alaric had called her to get up, but she wanted to stay in bed. All day. Maybe listen to some sad songs.
“Elena, get your đít, mông, ass out of bed, you’ve got mail” Alaric shouted outside her room.
“It’s Sunday, I deserve one ngày of feeling miserable” Elena muttered. The latch went down and Alaric entered the room. He walked to the giường and sank down.
“I know you’re hurt” he started. “But bạn can’t let him have this kind of power over you. bạn can’t stop living, because he’s a jerk”
Elena wiped her eyes and sobbed. “You’re...
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One week later.

Damon was only half dressed when he heard footsteps. Knowing better he hoped it was Elena. But it wasn’t, obviously.
“You’re an idiot” Caroline đã đưa ý kiến reproachful.
“That doesn’t even come close to cover it” Damon đã đưa ý kiến turning around. “You want some?” he asked waving his glass of Scottish Whisky.
“Please” Caroline nodded and Damon gave her his glass which he had already refilled.
“Yeah, just take it” Damon insisted when Caroline frowned. “I’ve been drinking way too much already”
Caroline accepted the glass and took a sip. “Well, like I said, you’re...
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Katherine ran to Fell’s church and climbed down. Rebekah had grabbed the phone out her hands and told her how stupid she was.
“They’re using bạn to find that witch, bạn idiot!” she had snapped.
Katherine hurried to the tomb and opened it. “Get out” she đã đưa ý kiến to the weak Bonnie, who was lying close to the door. Katherine grabbed her hand and Bonnie shrieked. It was the hand with the hurt finger. “Come on, get out. I need to di chuyển you” Katherine đã đưa ý kiến agitated. She dragged her out of the tomb, ignoring her cries.
But as soon as Bonnie was out of the tomb Katherine felt two hands on her shoulders that pushed her forward. She fell and turned around to see Caroline helping Bonnie stand up. “What the hell are bạn doing?” she asked. Caroline looked up. “I can ask bạn the same question” she fired back. She bit her wrist and forced Bonnie to drink, so her wounds would heal. “Come on, I’ll bring bạn home”
“Where is that?” Bonnie asked depressed.
The moment he closed the door, Damon’s phone rang.
“Caroline?” he đã đưa ý kiến when answering.
“Damon, can I speak to Elena?” Caroline asked. “She won’t answer my calls”
“She’s a little distracted” Damon said. “Maybe I can help” he offered.
“You could, but I don’t think bạn will” Caroline sighed.
“Try me” Damon đã đưa ý kiến a little tired.
“Would bạn come to the station and call Bonnie so we can find out where she is? I tried, but she won’t answer my phone calls. Maybe she will answer you” Caroline đã đưa ý kiến not very hopeful.
“I won’t have to see her, right? Just call...
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Elena walked into Damon’s room, where Damon was lying on the bed. He looked up. “You still angry with me?”
Elena shook her head. “No” she sighed. “I should’ve known better. bạn still angry with me?” Damon frowned. “I wasn’t angry. Why would I be angry?”
“Because I was so stupid to think you’d want to have a conversation with the one that betrayed you” Elena đã đưa ý kiến sad.
“Oh, well, I’ll have to get over it sometime” Damon shrugged. He looked at Elena. “And you’re not stupid” He lifted up his head and kissed her. Elena stuck her hand behind his neck and pulled...
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Ronnie was sitting on the hospital giường while the doctor carefully pulled out the fragments and disinfected the wounds. Tyler was standing with his back towards her.
“I’m really sorry” he đã đưa ý kiến for the umpteenth time.
“Yeah, I got that from the first zillion times” Ronnie đã đưa ý kiến with a small voice. “Ouch”
“Please sit still, I don’t want to make these wounds any worse” the doctor said.
“Right, sorry” Ronnie said. When all fragments were removed and all wounds disinfected the doctor turned around at Tyler.
“Can bạn leave us alone for a second?” he asked.
“Yeah, sure”...
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“Why exactly are we doing this?” Stefan asked Rebekah. They were standing in front of the Boarding House.
“Because I’m going to be part of your life now and I want to know everyone that’s important to you. Your brother is important to you, isn’t he?”
Stefan sighed. “Yes, he’s very important”
“Well, then get inside” Rebekah đã đưa ý kiến and she opened the door, entering the house. “Hello?” An instant later a strong hand grabbed her throat and forced her against a wall.
“Who are you?” Damon asked threatening.
“Well, I guess bạn must be Damon” Rebekah đã đưa ý kiến soft.
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Tyler entered the Grill and headed to the bar. Ronnie gave him a bottle of beer. “On me”
“Thanks” Tyler said, a little surprised. “You want something from me?”
“Why, because I give bạn free booze?” Ronnie asked with a smirk.
“Well, yeah” Tyler said.
“Hmm” Ronnie smiled. “Maybe I’m trying to make bạn my best customer?”
“Keep it up this way and bạn might succeed” Tyler said. “Cheers” he đã đưa ý kiến before drinking.
Without any warning Ronnie grabbed his cổ áo and pressed her lips against his. Tyler pushed her away and she smacked against the cabinet with bottles and...
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Damon opened the door of the bathroom and collided to Elena, who was staring at him with crossed arms.
“What?” Damon asked. Elena was giving him this reproachful look.
“Are bạn going to tell me what happened last night?” Elena said.
“No” Damon refused. “What’s there to tell? I had a bad dream. It’s not uncommon, bạn can look it up”
“But I thought they were over? Is this why bạn want us to sleep in separate rooms? So I wouldn’t know? Damon, bạn can’t keep those kind of things from me. If someone’s trying to hurt bạn bạn have to tell me” Elena đã đưa ý kiến caring.
Damon walked...
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Bonnie woke up after another rough night. Katherine wouldn’t be here until sundown. She was up to something. Bonnie didn’t need her magic skills to feel that.
Why didn’t Katherine just let her die? It was obvious no one was missing her. But maybe Katherine believed killing her wouldn’t be punishment enough. Maybe she wanted to make her suffer. After all Bonnie had made Damon suffer. But she wanted to make it right. Not because she suddenly started caring for Damon; she just wanted her best friend Elena back and for that she had to make it up to both of them. Though playing with their...
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Caroline was walking down the stairs with her phone held against her ear. “Look, Bonnie, I really don’t care what reasons bạn have for ignoring my calls, but call me back ASAP”
“Everything okay?” Liz asked, who was standing at the bottom of the stairs and couldn’t help but overhear.
Caroline nodded. “Yeah, sure”
“Was that Bonnie?” Liz pointed at the phone.
“Her voicemail” Caroline corrected.
“Hmm” Liz frowned. “You two have a fight?”
“No!” Caroline exclaimed.
“Then why is she ignoring your phone calls?” Liz continued, blocking Caroline to go to the kitchen....
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Damon opened his eyes, but couldn’t see a thing. He tried to get up, but couldn’t move. “Elena?” Then he realized Elena was in the room tiếp theo to his, probably fast asleep, so she wouldn’t hear him. He felt a sudden weight on the bed, but couldn’t rotate his head to check who it was that was crawling towards him. But it was Elena. Of course it was Elena. Who else would it be? She hooked her fingers in his and cuddles her face in his neck. He felt her warm breath on his cold flesh.
“I can’t move” Damon đã đưa ý kiến hoarse.
“Sssh…Everything’s going to be fine”
Damon’s eyes widened...
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Night came in and both Elena and Damon were getting ready to go to sleep. Elena, wearing pajamas with a teddy print on it, was standing in the doorway of her room. “You want to come in?” she asked teasing. Damon had this ludicrous…rule they had to sleep in separate rooms. It was so not Damon. “We can sleep together” Elena tried with cún yêu, con chó con eyes. Damon walked to her and kissed her. Elena wanted to pull him inside, but he braced. “Oh, come on” she groaned, her lips still touching his.
“I’m not doing it, Elena, not tonight” Damon đã đưa ý kiến and he kissed her again. Elena took of her...
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Rachel was sitting at the table, her plate in front of her, but she didn’t touch it. “You need to eat something” Gabe đã đưa ý kiến soft. Rachel pushed her plate away. “You don’t get to tell me what to do anymore” she đã đưa ý kiến trembling.
“Come on, Rachel, that’s not fair” Gabe đã đưa ý kiến sad. “I’m just as devastated as bạn are” he đã đưa ý kiến fighting his own tears, but Rachel only scoffed. “Oh, give me a break. bạn were the first to deny Kelsey was your daughter and bạn wanted to hand Amber over to the police”
“I thought I was doing the right thing” Gabe defended himself. “I couldn’t...
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Katherine was in the kitchen, making dinner. hoặc at least she attempted to. She hadn’t been cooking since…well, this was the first time. She tried to open a bin, but the thing to open it was so stupid.
“Goddamn it!” she cursed and she smashed the bin against the wall. “Why can’t we have blood like normal vampires?” she yelled.
“Because I feel like eating American food” Stefan đã đưa ý kiến being annoying. “So better get it ready, already”
He was sitting on the đi văng with Rebekah who kept giving him secret stares. One time she didn’t look away fast enough. “What’s your deal?...
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Elena entered the Grill and walked to a table. She was going to meet Damon there.
She looked up at Stefan. “Hi” she đã đưa ý kiến uncomfortable. They hadn’t really spoken since she had declared her tình yêu for Damon.
“Can I sit with you?” Stefan asked careful. Feeling it would be impolite to reject Elena nodded. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there last night. Caroline told me she was giving a party to celebrate bạn and…Damon”
“It’s okay, Stefan, it wasn’t that big of a deal” Elena said.
“I just thought it would be weird” Stefan explained. “After all that happened I’m not...
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Caroline was standing with Elena, her cell phone in her hands, while cheerleading practice was on.
“I can’t believe I quit this a năm ago” Elena said.
“Why? bạn miss it?” Caroline asked as she was dialing a number.
“Not really, no” Elena sighed. “Maybe I should just get rid of my costume. It’s not like anyone’s going to see me in it anymore, right?”
Her eyes still on the phone Caroline replied mumbling: “Oh, I could think of someone who would tình yêu to see bạn in it”
Elena elbowed her friend, but smiled at the same time. “So, what’s up with bạn and Tyler?” she tried...
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