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who is worse ripper Stefan hoặc Damon

 who is worse ripper Stefan hoặc Damon
 caroline1 posted hơn một năm qua
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panther-jewel said:
Almost everybody in the hiển thị does horrible things, but the main issue is that Damon is especially judged for his bad deeds and has to work hard to make up for what he did, while Stefan always gets away with everything and is somehow put on a pedestal bởi most of the others. They both did good and bad things and both have phases of holding things together while the other is diễn xuất out, but Damon is always considered the bad and Stefan the good guy. But although that is the most important point, to answer your question, ripper Stefan is worse than Damon.
Damon (like evil Elena) just doesn’t care about anything when his humanity is turned off, and he does bad things for good purposes with his emotions on. He furthermore acts out when he emotionally suffers in a deep way and tries to shock people with his actions to drive them away. But Damon never revels in seeing innocent people in pain, unlike Stefan who without his humanity enjoys watching others in agony. There is obviously a cruel trait in him, he has proven a certain selfishness throughout the story, and he somehow needs to disparage other people. But all that results from the way in which he was raised and is still treated, so that this isn’t meant as a reproach, because neither of the two brothers should be judged for how they each react to their individual brokenness.
Damon has mostly been hated and turned down and has never been loved hoặc supported before Elena, so that he thinks himself a bad person, and he feels the need to “prove” to himself and to everybody else that he really is as bad as he is đã đưa ý kiến to be. Stefan on the other hand has always been chosen before and always had many people at his side, so that he thinks himself almost perfect, and he can’t deal with imperfection when it comes to himself. That is why he could never admit loving someone like Katherine although she repeatedly declared not to have compelled him to tình yêu her. And that is why he created the ripper for himself although vampirism doesn’t bring out một giây personalities for vampires. Stefan can’t be blamed for what he does while having no control over himself due to the bloodlust though, but all of the described problems relate to the two brothers’ different complexes.
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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