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Yes, another Bamon thing but here's my opinion.

Damon liked Elena, heck she liked him too but he fell in tình yêu first. Now ask yourselves this (LJ too) why make Elena admit she loves Damon in SS only to have him suddenly fall for Bonnie? In the books,I like Matt/Bonnie, so who would he be with? The guy needs someone he's been through a lot too, and somehow I can't imagine Damon with Bonnie long. here's why

She cries and whines a lot (no offense).Yes,she feels pressure with having witch powers but she faints and screams at the slightest thing. Can bạn picture Damon tolerating that for long? He'd lose his mind rofl. In SS, bạn can really see how Damon feels for Elena NOT Bonnie. Bamon những người hâm mộ may claim "but she has such a crush on him!" maybe yes. But one on Matt too. Heck, she had an urge to jump into giường with Stefan! (forget which book) Does she want every guy hoặc something?

What kind of friend would she be to suddenly take away a guy Elena's slowly falling in tình yêu with? Damon's in tình yêu with Elena too. Bonnie and Meredith could both see it.

Delena has a huge fanbase especially with the show, and if there's one major thing the hiển thị will follow- it's who Elena chooses.

Honestly,I feel like calling Ian myself, because he likes Delena, and explain to LJ.

Hey, Katerina even đã đưa ý kiến "no bamon."
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xin chào this is my story on elena and damon, i am not a writer so please be nice WARNING NOT FOR YOUNG READERS AND BASED ON THE TV SERIES

damon and elena are at her house as jeremy has diserpeared and stefan has gone to look for him leaving damon to look after elena (what a goos idea)

damon sat quitely in the corner like he was blocking out the rest of the world, i looked at him
all i got to see was his dark sudictive eyes which made my knees weaken. He slowly turned his head
and began to speak, all i wanted was to hear his voice but he froze, i knew i had to do something make the first move.
I began...
continue reading...
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