xin chào guys! I just saw JP's last xem trước for the season and something got my attention. In 3x22 we will have a flashback when everything was normal as such.And she mentioned Elena,her parents,Matt AND Bonnie. I mean any chance for After Hours to come into play?The first time they were in the same 'room' was when Bonnie and Care talked. Now I am like 'why Caroline of all people?'.It's obvious that he wanted a close friend to Elena but he could pick up Bonnie.I think he didn't choose Bonnie because he wanted to protect her and not to use her.
In 'Haunted' he says 'Bonnie, so loyal'. How did he know that?Also maybe he keep cheking on the bennett line from time to time.
So all in all I think Damon met Bonnie before he met Elena. Maybe a flashback Bamon scene will be in 3x22. What do bạn think?Does any of this make sense?Or I'm just imagining things?

The link to the preview: link