~ The episode opens in a lounge. There is a beautiful African-American woman in her late twenties standing at the bar: Camille. She was waiting for someone, but it looks like the other person cancelled. She starts chatting with a handsome man who walks up to her and strikes up a conversation. They're discussing âm nhạc when the man excuses himself for a một phút - and shoots two men sitting in the lounge. After executing the two men, he turns back to Camille, who is terrified. When he sees the bartender looking at him, he fires two thêm shots.

~ The handsome killer doesn't shoot Camille. Instead, he takes her with him. She has các câu trả lời he wants.

~ Hawkes knows Camille, but I don't think they're dating. He doesn't want to believe that she's mixed up in anything dangerous, but the important thing is to find her.

~ Camille was a nurse at a clinic, but she was fired for stealing medication. The handsome killer wants to know where the medication is, and he wants Camille to tell him the location of a woman named Janice. It looks like she's another potential target.

~ Camille definitely seems like she could be the long-anticipated tình yêu interest for Hawkes (assuming they save her, of course).

~ I see everybody's name mentioned, so it looks like they'll all be in this episode. :)