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this is chapter two of my fanfic. hope bạn enjoy and please bình luận and rate! thanx:)

Once they arrived they rushed Stella to the emergency room. A few phút later a doctor came out and went straight to Mac, the doctor looked quite worried. As soon Mac saw the doctor he got really worried. The doctor đã đưa ý kiến that the baby is okay but Stella is not really okay. The doctor đã đưa ý kiến the baby is hurting Stella. Mirror syndrome they called it. Mac went to see Stella in her room, he saw his wife lying on the giường worried. Mac and Stella all knew about mirror syndrome because well because they are crime scene investigators.

Before Mac came into the room he called the whole team to come over because they might have to loose the baby in order to save Stella. Mac told Stella that everything is going to be okay only if the baby and she don’t get worse. The team all arrived just in time for a little party for Stella because she is going to get her finale answer on whether she gets to keep the baby hoặc not.

An giờ later a doctor came in the room with a chart and đã đưa ý kiến that she will most likely keep the baby but for now she will be put on some meds and she will be able to go home. Everyone was surprised had happy to hear the news and they just partied a bit thêm and Stella had a huge plate of pasta.

The very tiếp theo ngày Stella and Mac went back trang chủ with the baby okay in her womb. Stella went straight trang chủ to take care of the baby because she was already in a close call that she nearly Mất tích the baby.

When Mac got trang chủ that night they have decided to have a sonogram of the baby every 2 weeks. Stella agreed and then all of a sudden the door chuông, bell rang and it was Danny and Lindsay came bởi to say hi and to tell them that Flack and the department needs them to solve, Stella went to the crime scene with and the others. Mac saw a dead body of a girl unrecognizable to the human eye. Stella was sort of grossed out because she’s pregnant and all so she went to the lab to just prepare for the evidence. She didn’t want to contaminate the crime scene with her vomit.

When she got to the crime lab she knew it would be a while before she could process the evidence so she went to see hawks. She was chatting with hawks for about 3 hours, the time talking about baby names. Stella knew it would be wrong talking about baby names to one her husband’s best friends. Of course Stella is still going to talk to Mac about baby names with him, plus they do no even know if it is a boy hoặc a girl.

Now it’s been 5 months since Stella has been pregnant. Mac and Stella went to the doctor to see the baby the fifth time. This time they can see the sex of the baby, Stella wants it to be a surprise, but Mac wants to know what the gender of the baby would be. So they agreed it to be like that. Stella will still get it as a surprise and Mac in the other hand will not.

After the doctor appointment they went to the lab to say hello then they set off to Greece because Stella wants the baby to be born there. Mac agreed because he realized he and Stella never had a honeymoon, so they thought maybe this is the best time to have a honeymoon.

The whole team sent Stella and Mac to there vacation together to Greece. Stella đã đưa ý kiến her goodbyes and see yous in a couple of months unless we choose to live there for a couple of years.

Mac and Stella arrived JFK with the whole team and ready to leave for about half a year. They got on the plane and left for Greece. Once they arrived Greece they took a cab to an ocean view hotel where they had the best view and the best room for a cheep price. They saw doctors there for the baby.

During the night they arrived for bữa tối, bữa ăn tối they had it on the beach. Of course of Stella’s craving she had two bowls of mỳ ống, mì ống and a donut. Mac had a plate of traditional Greek food. During the night before they went to giường Mac gave Stella and the baby a goodnight story, a very romantic goodnight story.

After 2 months Mac and Stella decided to go to the doctor to see the baby. Mac đã đưa ý kiến it won’t be long before the baby is born. It won’t be long before we can decide a name for it. It won’t be long before bạn get to feed it, and it won’t be long before we get to bring the baby trang chủ to hiển thị the team.

The team is investigating the murder of someone very special. Mac and Stella are about halfway around the world so they can’t get any information about the murder.

After 3 months it was Stella’s due ngày and she still hasn’t even felt any sharp pain. Mac in the other hand is very nervous and happy at the same time because he’s not really ready to become a father. He is worried that the baby will hate him. Since when Stella was five months pregnant he knew about the sex of the baby, it was a boy. Mac always wanted a boy. Stella always wanted a girl and she still doesn’t know about the gender of the baby.

During mid-day Stella’s water broke and Mac rushed her to the nearest hospital. Stella was going into labour, Mac was now not even nervous but happy. He can’t wait for his little baby to be born.

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Chapter Three: First ngày as a CSI

Stella walked into the lab and spotted Danny sitting at a microscope. She walked over to him and put her arm around his neck.
    “Working hard Messer?”
    “Oh Stella xin chào how’d it go with Mac?” Danny đã đưa ý kiến getting up and giving Stella a hug.
    “It went well he asked me about Louie and I gave him a brief history lesson of our family. He seems like a really great guy I think I’m going to enjoy working for him.”
    “Yeah Mac’s a good man. He’s a great boss and friend...
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Chapter Five: Rivals

Don, Jess, Lindsay, Danny, Hawkes, and Aiden were all in the first SUV and Mac, Stella, Adam, Chad, Kendall, and Sam were in the second. They arrived at Frisco’s and all got out of the vehicles. They walked into the entrance of Frisco’s and gathered around a large bàn for big parties. All twelve members sat around the bàn and ordered their drinks. There was a local rock band playing on the performance stage at the front of the bar and some of the members of Blue Squad gathered around to listen and dance to the music. Mac and Stella found a cozy little booth towards...
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Really funny scene!!
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