xin chào guys ..

i wanted to share some recognizes I've made up clearly these days Its about the Pac . smacked think ?

for all those people who say Peyton and Mac are great together and Smacked doesn't exit

here are some evidence ( In Đội điều tra hiện trường style ;) ) to be sure about that

P.S ( i respect all opinion No need to be bothered its just discussion

1- Mac didn't tell Peyton about Reed while he talked openly to Stella and took her Lời khuyên

2- Mac was not hurt after Peyton left him . he only played Jazz which he regularly do & n return Stella went to the club and they exchanged smiles ( which means he is OK )

3 - Mac was definitely afraid that anyone might see him with Peyton ( when he pulled her hand as stella was coming )

4- Peyton never sacrificed for Mac not even to leave her country and family and live with him in NYC

5-In snow ngày episode . Peyton;s face was so cold as the time Mac was faced to death . she seemed so normal as if she sees the future ( of course kidding' :D ) & i don't think she was sure Mac would be OK she never feels him ..

6 He once told Stella that Peyton changed his life and no longer can live without her . I don't think that was true cause he lived so normally after she has gone on the contrary of Claire who left great effect of him .. Physically and Mentally .. so does Stella . in 7th season Mac is no longer the same Mac we used to see with Stella he is now so independent to do everything bởi himself

7 He didn't care about Peyton's opinion when Sheldon was locked up but he used what she đã đưa ý kiến ( of course he knew that was private ( but instead used it as evidence

that's all what i thought of yet :)) hope u can give some các bình luận of what u think .. Waitin; fr yours ;)