Lately, I've heard and seen jokes and các bình luận about Edward being "pathetic" hoặc "gay" because he was a 100 năm old virgin. I've written this bài viết to state that I see no problem in him being a virgin. I feel that virginity is not something to poke fun at. It simply means that someone wants to save themselves for that special someone whom they are going to spend the rest of their life with. I myself am a virgin and plan to stay that way until I get married.

However, I am somewhat confused. If Edward has lived for 100 years and has yet to give himself to anyone, then why does he decide to have sex with Bella when they've only known each other for a short period of time? A few years is probably nothing to a vampire, so why has he decided to make such a decision?

Now, it's stated (quite obviously) that he married Bella because he was in tình yêu with her (as many have said, I feel that it is lust and not love, but that's not the point I'm trying to make at the moment), which I feel is the proper reason to give yourself to someone. This confuses me; if Edward falls in tình yêu with Bella so quickly, then why has he not fallen in tình yêu with anyone before Bella?

To me, it's not a matter of not "doing it" with anyone before (that's a personal descision that he has made), but rather the fact that Bella is in his life for only two years and he decides that she is the one with whom he wants to be with.

I find this unrealistic, due to the fact that Edward has probably met many young women in his long life. For a vampire (or, as I refer to them as, Meyerpire) to give themselves to someone, that would mean being committed to them for eternity. If bạn think about it, wouldn't bạn want to consider if the person bạn are going to marry is worth spending eternity with? It may take a while (certainly thêm than two years) to make that descision. I just feel that it's unrealistic for a ngẫu nhiên girl to waltz in front of a Meyerpire and BOOM! they're "eternally in love".

I know the reason Meyer made Edward a virgin was to make the story thêm romantic. After all, it is a nice thought: he's never được trao himself to anyone before, which means that Bella is the first one he's been with. But, as she has done before, Meyer is too caught up nghề viết văn an "epic romantic fantasy" that she fails to use realism and logic in her plots.

This bài viết was just an opinion of mine; I saw it as a subject that no one (to my knowledge) has touched yet, so tell me what bạn think!