Disclaimer: The tiêu đề of the bài viết may seem to be a bit strange, as most of my các bài viết that I have đã đăng on here are usually issues I have with the Twilight Saga, but I decided that myself as an anti, wanted to write about things I actually do like about the series. Guarantee, I actually do think Stephanie Meyer did create some characters in this series, and I just wanted to danh sách my hàng đầu, đầu trang 8. This will be in no particular order.
* * *
Jasper Hale

If hypothetically, I were to meet the Cullen, I would think that Jasper would be the only one I probably be remotely afraid of in any sort of way. hoặc better yet, the only one I’d be afraid of. I feel that he is struggling thêm not to drink blood than the other Cullen’s, who pretty much have it already mastered. People may say that Edward is struggling harder not to suck Bella’s blood, but I don’t think this is exactly as hard as what Jasper has to do. Not only does he have to control himself around humans, he also goes to a high school(I still don’t get the point in that), which is surrounded bởi humans. This, to me at least, must be hard for the guy, as I feel he is actually suffering with a real problem, unlike other characters who I personally think don’t have as bigger problems as certain other characters do(Leah, Rosalie, Jasper,etc)

Emmet Cullen

I am usually a người hâm mộ of those characters who usually tell jokes, are funny and completive, so it is really no surprise that Emmet is on my list. I do wish we actually had heard thêm of his story about getting mauled bởi a bear, as it does sound interesting, but sadly, we hardly go any thêm information about it in the series(not a big suspire, eh?). As much as I like him, and his relationship with Rosalie, I do feel that his character could have a lot thêm depth, for, as I like him, his character is a bit useless in the book series.

Rosalie Hale

I know, this maybe a very unpopular opinion, with both Twilight những người hâm mộ and Anti-Twilighters, but I actually really adore Rosalie. She is one of the few female characters in this whole series that is strong, and has a lot of depth. Some people may just think “Oh, she’s a bitch”, and while she does have a really bitchy personality, there is a lot thêm to her, and I do dearly wish thêm people would see that.
I think her story about becoming a vampire is really interesting, but horrible at the same time, as she was gang-rape, which must have been terrible for her, can’t imagine the pain she had gone through with that. I also do really feel sorry for her. We all know(or maybe just some of bạn do), that the thing Rosalie wants the most in the world is children, and obviously since she is a vampire and can’t reproduce, that is impossible. So, seeing this girl(Bella), who she doesn’t even like, come in to her family’s life, wants to give up everything to be a vampire, and also having a baby, that must have…really sucked for Rosalie.

Leah Clearwater

Believe it hoặc not, my yêu thích girl character in the whole book series. Leah is a bitch, and she has every reason to be one. I honestly tình yêu her bitter, sarcastic, bitchy personality(I’m usually a người hâm mộ of those type of characters). Her situation with the whole Emily/Sam thing was really just unfair, and reminds me of how much I hate imprinting(which, to me is lousy love). Just thinking about the situation makes my hate for Emily, but mostly Sam grow. And then on the plus side, Leah’s father dies. I mean, her life is not going good at all now, so I think personally that she has every right to be pissed off. She may have Mất tích a lover, but I think she handle better than certain other’s did (coughBellacough)
I really do wish she had ended up with Jacob. Blackwater is one of my yêu thích canon couples, and hey, it would have been ten times better than Jacob imprinting on a demon spawn of a baby…(but I’m not going to start complaining about that subject now, hoặc else I’ll go on forever)

Seth Clearwater

As I đã đưa ý kiến the same thing about Emmett, I like the kind of characters who are funny, and enlightening, and bring enjoyment to the book series. Seth does that for me. I loved his character from the start, and he is one of the few people who made Breaking Dawn a bit thêm bearable for me. I tình yêu all his quotes, and think he is one of the most funniest characters in the book behind Jacob and Emmett. I tình yêu his brother/sister relationship with Leah J

Jacob Black

Of course I was going to save my ultimate yêu thích for last…
Jacob Black is so much of a great character, that I sometimes find it hard to believe that Stephanie Meyer is the one who created him in the first place. I have always been Team Jacob simple as that, even when I used to adore Twilight, I thought he was ten times better than Edward always, and that opinion of mine is now only stronger, I, like many people, do think his character became a bit of a jerk in Eclipse, yet at the same time, I could understand hid actions(as forcibly kissing Bella). Lets be honest here, he was trying to save the girl he loved and showed her she has other options.
He may have flaw, but that is just another reason that I like him thêm than Edward, who is basically this Adonis God like creature who is “OMG SO PERFECT!”. I really just cannot stand characters who are perfect.
I was horrified that he became, as what we call, a pedo-wolf in Breaking Dawn, imprinting on Rennesme. Great. Stephanie Meyer ruins another great character. Oh joy.

* * *

Keep in mind that these are only my six yêu thích characters in the whole book series as I also like Bella’s human Những người bạn and Carlisle. Lastly, I should get an award for trying to make this bài viết thêm “serious”, and trying not to put many jokes in it.

My opinion about these characters might be very unpopular, but please don’t insult me in your comments, because that’s just rude.

That is all.