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 Penelope Garcia
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Kirsten Vangsness
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This Hành vi phạm tội hình nền contains chân dung, headshot, and closeup.

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Prentiss: All of these killings… the work of just one man?
Gideon: Most prolific serial killer ever.
Prentiss: These wind chimes are made of bone. I think it's human rib bones.
Prentiss: [watching morgan dance between two women] Hey, Morgan, be careful. The one in the back could steal your wallet!
Morgan: That's all right; I'll be a broke, happy man!
Hotchner: [construction work in the background] What's that?
JJ: [with mouth full] One of the detectives' wives made us cookies.
Emily: Wow, homemade cookies!?
JJ: Yeah I guess that's what they mean bởi 'southern hospitality'.
Reid: What are you...
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Uploaded bởi tyneebub on youtube. Great scene! *LOL* :D
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spencer reid
Uploaded By: callmegrunge On YouTube.
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