Afew days later, the unsub was caught. Everyone in Sacramento was relieved, but Spencer still had the other JJ nightmare on his mind. He kept asking himself if he should be honest with his friend. *Am I being a lunatic hoặc a good friend?* he repeatedly asked. The doc snapped out of his thoughts as JJ walked up to him. "Anything else?" she asked. "We heard the daughter is flying in from Tennessee." Spencer answered with a gut-wrenching feeling in his stomach.

JJ noticed the doc's troubled facial expression. "Is something the matter?" she asked. "I don't think I should tell you." Spencer answered. "Are bạn trying to ngày again?" JJ asked joking. Spencer gave her a death-glare. "I'm joking." JJ reassured. "What is it?" she asked thêm seriously.

"I had another nightmare about you." Spencer confessed. "They wanted bạn back at the Pentagon-permanently." he continued. JJ just wrapped a comforting arm around him. "Spence, I would NEVER go back there. My place is here with all of you." she đã đưa ý kiến in a heartfelt tone. "You didn't have to hide that." she comforted. "I'm glad you're back for good." Spencer whispered. JJ just smiled at him.

"It was just another dream." she stated in a reassuring tone. Spencer took a sigh of relief, feeling the weight lift off his shoulders. "This was an unusual unsub." JJ đã đưa ý kiến about the case. "You know, it would've been pretty funny to see Derek accidently sneeze on him." Spencer joked about Derek's allergies. JJ had to laugh. "True, but at least he's got them treated." she replied. "Tough man sneezes on the bad guy for a change." Spencer played around imitating an announcer's voice. JJ laughed so hard, she could barely catch her breath.

The Những người bạn continued to stroll around until they caught up with Derek. "I imagine Clooney will be lookin' for me." he said. "I think he set up a little routine for himself to know when you're gone and to know when bạn return." Spencer replied. "He knows when I get back." Derek said. He grinned while hiding a laugh. "You should've seen him when we got back from Chattanooga. He was so happy to se me he nearly knocked me down!" he chuckled. Spencer laughed.