*I can't believe I had 2 nightmares about JJ!* Spencer thought later that day. He couldn't tell anyone about this nightmare. With Derek at the doctor, Hotch going to the witness' houses for evidence about the case, and JJ possibly tearing up if he told HER, he really had no one. The doc sighed. "Is everything alright?" Blake asked. "I'm fine. Just exhausted." Spencer lied. Blake could tell he was lying.

"I'm not buying any of that." Blake stated in seriousness. Spencer slammed his hand on the table. Blake was shocked and startled. Spencer soon began to regret his action. "I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me." Spencer apologized. "There's nothing to forgive." Blake replied. Spencer came to a quick conclusion.

"If I tell bạn this, bạn have to keep it a secret." he swore. "You have my word." Blake said. "I've been having nightmares. And just recently, I've had a relapse." Spencer confessed. "Something tells me bạn have a really bad one." Blake stated knowing what was up. "I did." Spencer replied. "JJ once worked at the Pentagon, and I had a nightmare she had to resign from the BAU and go back there permanently." he continued. "I see." Blake replied feeling sorry for the doc.

"If there's anything I can do, just let me know." she offered. "Thanks!" Spencer thanked feeling humbled. There was suddenly a call. "What do bạn have, Garcia?" Spencer asked. "Oh, I wish I had something good, but I don't." Penelope answered. "I did some research on our unsub, and he's had a horrible past." she continued. "How horrible?" Spencer asked.

"His grandfather was put in a mental hospital when he was 6. The illness is unknown." Penelope answered. "That explains why he started abducting." Blake stated. "I'm gonna see what else I can find on this guy." Penelope stated. "Find out what illness his grandfather had while you're at it." Blake added. "Before I go, how's my tình yêu doing?" Penelope asked. "He's still at the doctor, Garcia." Spencer answered. "I hope he gets better bởi the time this case is over!" Penelope replied before hanging up. Spencer and Blake went back to their work.