Late that night, Spencer was making a diary of the past nightmares he had. He was careful about the gruesome stuff. He added mainly his relapses. The main reason why he did that was these nightmares had occurred before and during the time of the case in Sacramento. The doc turned and took a sip of his water then noticed Derek. Derek had fallen asleep after sometime. This gave Spencer a reason to look at the time. "Whoa!" he whispered loudly.

The time was 2:35 A.M.! "I have GOT to sleep!" Spencer muttered as he closed his PC. He put the now closed PC on a bàn and went to bed. Luckily, he had 0 nightmares that night. He only dreamt up the positive. It was the first time Spencer had slept good in a long time. And boy was it LONG.

Early the tiếp theo morning, Spencer and Derek were awakened bởi the newest Florida Georgia Line song "Stay" blaring out as the alarm went off. Spencer tiredly hit the snooze button and rubbed his fatigued eyes. "God, I hope I wasn't snorin'!" Derek đã đưa ý kiến as he saw Spencer rubbing his eyes. "You weren't. Don't worry." Spencer replied. Derek took a sigh of relief. At breakfast, Derek had been đọc the latest issue of Billboard Magazine. "What are bạn reading?" Blake asked.

"Country ngôi sao Chris Young makes his highest debut yet." Derek read. "He must've released something that did very well." Hotch stated as he took another bite of his food. "Continue reading." Rossi stated. "The Nashville ngôi sao winner recently released his newest album A.M. and the album went to number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100." Derek continued reading. "Not bad for a nobody." JJ said. Derek smiled. "JJ, he's a somebody." he replied.

Spencer suddenly got his usual geek on. "You know, statistically, new comers have been doing very well with their music." he said. "Is that so?" Derek asked. Spencer nodded. "Derek, didn't the guy bạn were just talking about get some fatal infection?" Hotch asked. "Yes, he did." Derek answered. "Chris also opened up about a life-threatening infection he got while on a flight." he read.

Derek read silently for a minute. "It says here the infection was caused bởi a small cut on an ingrown hair. The bacteria caused him to go into septic shock." he stated. Spencer got his geek on again. "Ironically, there aren't that many septic shock related deaths." he stated. "Reid, Chris's infection required emergency surgery." Derek replied. "Doctors and nurses are pretty skilled at catching something like a fatal infection." Spencer theorized. "The doctors and nurses up in Denver were concerned about organ failure. That's why Chris was put in surgery so fast." Derek stated getting agitated. "Sometimes, they have to do what's best for the patient." Spencer stated.

Spencer was about to say something else about septic shock. "Reid." Hotch cut him off as he rolled his eyes toward Derek. "Thank you, Hotch." Derek thanked. "Chris's best known songs are "Gettin' bạn Home", "The Man I Want To Be", "Voices", "Tomorrow", and "You"." Derek read. "Must've been big hits." JJ replied. "They were. In fact, all of 'em reached NO.1." Derek said. Spencer loved every một phút of that morning. Sitting at breakfast with his friends, talking, everything. It was just what he needed.