"Hello, this is Dr. Hayes." Spencer's sleep therapist đã đưa ý kiến over the phone. "Uh, hi, this is Spencer Reid. I've been relapsing on my nightmares recently. How do I handle it?" Spencer replied. "Have they been current?" Dr. Hayes asked. "Yeah." Spencer answered. "When did bạn start relapsing?" Dr. Hayes asked. "Just before this case." Spencer answered. "Where are bạn right now?" Dr. Hayes asked wondering if Spencer had a case.

"I'm in Sacramento." Spencer answered. "Until bạn come back to Quantico, I suggest bạn keep a diary of your nightmares." Dr. Hayes suggested. "Should I add the nightmares I've already had?" Spencer asked. "Yes." Dr. Hayes answered. "Thanks for your time." Spencer đã đưa ý kiến as he and Dr. Hayes hung up. Spencer felt a weight being lifted off his shoulders. And it was a CRAP load! *That felt good!* he thought.

"Spencer, what do bạn have on the unsub?" Hotch asked. "I found out that he is indeed in his early 50's. He's about 53." Spencer answered. Hotch picked up his phone and called Penelope. "What did bạn find, Garcia?" he asked. "I found out WHY he didn't kill the women. He thought they were too innocent." Penelope answered. "No wonder." Spencer muttered. "Spencer's copying the information. What else do bạn have on his family?" Hotch asked Penelope.

"He has an only daughter with his now ex-wife. The daughter is about 24, lives in Murphreesboro, Tennessee, and is a medical assistant." Penelope answered. "Rossi and Bake just went to interview the ex-wife." JJ stated. "Garcia, tìm kiếm his past and current criminal record." Spencer added. "You got it, my love." Penelope replied as she hung up. "JJ, can I talk to you?" Spencer asked. "Sure." JJ answered. The Những người bạn went into the hallway.

"I finally got help." Spencer blurted out. JJ had a smile curl on her face. "Spence, that's great!" she beamed. She and Spencer shared a hug. "Does Derek know?" she asked. "No. He's aware I had wanted to get help, though." Spencer answered. "Where is he anyway?" JJ asked. "He's at the doctor." Spencer answered.

"I knew it was a sinus infection!" JJ stated. Spencer let out a gentle laugh. "All-in-All, you're always welcome to share a room with me." JJ offered. "You know, in case Derek should snore." she joked. "Thanks, but no thanks. I don't want Will to think you're having an affair." Spencer jokingly replied back. He and JJ laughed. Spencer was happy he got the help he needed.