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posted by usernameinvalid
I'm sure bởi now bạn have heard of the children's TV hiển thị "Adventure Time". It's very popular. I must admit, I am a pretty big người hâm mộ of the hiển thị myself! It's a cute hiển thị with a good storyline, which is thêm than I can say for a lot of hoạt hình these days.

But.. it's the story behind the hiển thị that's rather upsetting...

Finn was a 13 năm old boy who was extremely lonely: having no Những người bạn and being ignored bởi his mother, who was having a difficult time enough trying to support him working 2 jobs. His only friend was his loyal dog, Jake. A few years later, Jake died of old age. After Jake's passing,...
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Jeff hovered over the victim. The young girl began to cry with fear as Jeff brought the dao, con dao closer with a sadistic smile. Suddenly, there was a banging. Jeff groaned, for he knew who it was. Suddenly, the closet door opened, and out came Ticci-Toby, covered in clothing, trying his best to shake them off.
Jeff, unamused, said, "Well, look who decided to come out of the closet".
Ticci-Toby, unaware of the insult, said, "Its okay, I'm here".
The victim, no longer scared, was just looking at the stumbling mess of a psychopath. Jeff, irritated, said, "Ticci-Toby, I thought bạn were supposed to be...
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posted by LovableXNerd
bạn were lying in giường in bạn (color) pajama pants and (color) Tank top, when all of a sudden bạn herd something laughing. bạn shoot up to look around, bạn have always been scared of the dark, and bạn see a small silhouette for a shadow in the corner of the room. bạn lean over to bạn lamp shade at the side your giường on your night bàn and turn it on. bạn start to scream, but the things covers your mouth with his hand. bạn stare at it frightened. It…it was a clown!! With a strikingly huge black and white striped nose, pale skin, black hair, and almost white eyes. From what bạn could see he...
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In June 2006, Henry woods the youngest of three children from the woods family. Henry just turned 7 years old before they di chuyển to the new house when he was at Billy’s birthday party. he saw Jeff fight off the bullies and saw his own brother In flames Henry yelled “get a motherfucking ngọn lửa, chữa cháy extinguisher my big brother is on fire, bạn assholes!’’ and when he saw his big brother in the hospital he was crying because he had to see his brother in huge pain and the police released liu after they found out randy did pull out the knives and tried stabbing Henry, liu and Jeff.    ...
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Slender Man was sitting in the room, still chained to the wall, when all of a sudden, he felt something di chuyển around in áo sơ mi pocket. Suddenly, a voice đã đưa ý kiến in such an adorable, yet mischievous way "Mr. Slender Man".
Suddenly, a small brown creature came from his pocket, and it was obvious who it was, considering his very, very wide grin
Slender Man said, "Mr. Widemouth, what are bạn doing in my áo sơ mi pocket"?
Mr. Widemouth said, "Oh, I'm very sorry, Mr. slender Man. I fell asleep. Where are we, though"?
"No time for that" đã đưa ý kiến Slender Man, "I need bạn to get back to the surface and warn the proxies...
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posted by TicTocTobi
So i was scrolling through the horror on demand when I saw this movie called Always Watching : Marble Hornets I saw Slender Man on it and đã đưa ý kiến "Wtf?" so I started watching it I only got about halfway through it until I had to go to sleep.
But then I went online and found a bunch of marble hornets stuff because I'm super into CreepyPasta and I saw Masky in one of them and I basically screamed in the Freaking Library.
I had no idea that the two wrer connected so that was really amazing that I stumbled upon that!
A couple years back, at the end of the day, I'd usually rush trang chủ from elementary school, sit myself down with a packet of trái cây snacks and watch hoạt hình until my father came trang chủ and served me dinner. There were several I really enjoyed. Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly Oddparents.....

....but my yêu thích was always Phineas and Ferb, the Disney animated phenomenon that seemed to be captivating not only kids my age, but those in the nearby junior high and some parents as well. Those two junior gizmo-making machines and the unlikely animal spy were in a category all of it's own. If bạn even just...
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[WARNING: This is for once not a fictional story! Everything in this bài viết is real, and DO NOT recommend actually trying this game! It is dangerous, and I don't want anyone getting hurt.]

This bài viết is composed of everything I have heard about playing Hitori Kakurenbo, rolled up into one article. There are several different interpretations, so I've included all I could find so I don't leave anything out.

Some people believe this game is actually a ritual to call a malevolent presence into your home. What exactly bạn are calling changes depending on the source, I have heard some say bạn are...
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After the events that occurred, Slender Man needed to get another Observer to watch over the house. Thankfully, he was able to get another. Slender Man taught him the basics and then said, " I hope bạn stay here for a long time, and hopefully bạn don't betray us".
The Observer said, "What kind of Observer would betray there fellow killers"?
Slender Man said, "You'd be surprised".

Clockwork was talking to Jane about Jeff. Clockwork said, "Come on, bạn should at least give him a chance".
Jane said, "He killed my parents. I'd rather ngày Smile Dog".
Clockwork said, "Alright then".
Jane then said, "By...
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Ticci-Toby was talking about last night with Jeff and Eyeless Jack.
Ticci-Toby said, "and she even let me hold her hand. And she hates being touched".
Jeff, bored, said, "Wonderful. So, did bạn two bởi any chance... bạn know".
Ticci-Toby said, "What"?
Jeff said, "Did bạn two do it"?
Ticci-Toby tilted his head in confusion, and said, "It"?
Jeff said, "For gods sake, did bạn two have sex".
Ticci-Toby said, "Sex? What does that taste like"?
Jeff, annoyed, said, "Oh for the tình yêu of god". Jeff then whispered in Toby's ear of what he meant. Toby's eyes widened and said, "No, Jeff, and I don't think it would...
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posted by windwakerguy430
Zalgo was busy teasing the proxies as he brought a sharp object dangerously close to each one. He laughed softly as he did. Slender Man said, "Zalgo, stop this now".
Zalgo said, "Oh come now. bạn know as well as I do that it's too late. The procedure has already begun".
Suddenly, Shadow Lurker ran in, covered in multiple cuts and bruises and said, "Lord Master Zalgo, sir, come quick. It's bad news".
Zalgo said, "What could possibly be thêm important then me getting my powers back".

Red had fallen over, with the Rake's claw stuck in it's chest. It fell over and bled to death. Following the Rake...
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Zalgo opened a door that opened to a very dark room. In it, a masked man was crawling from the ceiling and then landing on his feet to the floor. He said, "艾马诶吾艾 艾 艾尺伊艾勒屁 吾艾哦伊吾, 艾勒哦艾儿迪 贼德诶艾勒吉哦"?
Zalgo said, "Yes, bạn can help me, Kagekao. First, speak english, will you".
Kagekao groaned and said, "Yes Lord Zalgo".
Zalgo continued, "And second, I have a mission for you". Kagekao then felt his mask change from annoyance to excitement. Zalgo said, "Slender Man's proxies are hiding from me. I need bạn to find them, and I need bạn to catch...
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posted by FrostyBlazer
Porter: xin chào guys *hanging from foot on tree*

Slender: what the heck is going on? who is this guy?

Lucius: he is a rouge SCP apparently, xin chào HOW DID bạn NOT SEE THAT ROPE TRAP!

Porter: well bạn were to busy chasing sonic bạn didn't listen to me when I đã đưa ý kiến I was blind

Slender: good, he doesn't know I don't have a face

Porter: bạn don't have a face?

Slender: shi*

ToTheArk: where are we going to live?

Jeff: well...

Slender: no!

Jeff: he owes us!

Slender: no we are not living with Laughing Jack!

Jeff: do we have any other options?

Slender: fine...

Lucius: who is this "Laughing Jack"?

Slender: I will tell bạn later *unties rope*

Porter: *flop* ow...
posted by windwakerguy430
Mr. Widemouth was busy trying to keep everybody from attacking one another. It was the farthest thing from easy.
"Sally, please keep your eye on that bear. Eyeless Jack, please label those kidney's. Jeff, don't kill BEN".
Suddenly, he saw saw Clockwork bursting through the doors. She shouted, "Mr. Widemouth, Toby was captured bởi Zalgo".
Mr. Widemouth said, "WHAT! Ohh no. That's not good. The others were captured before him. Were doomed".
Clockwork said, "There must be something we can do to help him".
Mr. Widemouth said, "Well, there is one way... But bạn won't like it".
Clockwork said, "I'll do...
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posted by FrostyBlaze
BEN: Im afraid of nothing

Lucius: your not afraid of RED killing bạn in your sleep?

BEN: no


BEN: *meep*

*hides behind Lucius*

Lucius: wimp... *walks away*

BEN: wait don't leave me!


BEN: sh**


LJ: bạn hear that?

Lucius: nope *smokes*

LJ: I'm sure I-

Lucius: shut up and take this cigarette

BEN: Jesus H Christ since when have bạn been able to turn into a bird!


BEN: oh my god my video games!

RED: what are bạn going to do about it?


RED: uh oh...


LJ: what is happening?

Lucius: BEN getting over his fear...
posted by mcencabo
 him was back
him was back
June 1,2013
i was on my house playing my iPad then i saw the
iPad about to freeze hoặc hanged up i don't know how did the iPad Hanged up,when i clicked Videos
i saw the footage of marble hornets i see Masky
saying this "Let The Operator Escape" in a voice
of a whisper of the wind with storm, Then i saw him
That , i only know Masky and Hoody in marble hornets , Again i saw him a ..um a tall figure mmm.. Just Forget About That.

September 6,2013
It was my 17th Birthday i saw this man again on my window but when i looked again i saw a note lying on the streets, Then i ran to the other side of
the road i grabbed that noted and it says" I AM
weird writing.
posted by FrostyBlazer
Jack [singing]: help me bob, I'm bully in the alley!

All [singing]: way hey, bully alley!

Kage and Jack [singing]: help me bob, I'm bully in the alley

All [singing]: bully down in shinbone al!

Henry: what should we do? Slender and his Những người bạn are separated, and Zalgo and cRYPT are at war.

Vendetta: well... Johnny is working on bringing the proxys on the run to us... Once they are brought we will think of something...

Henry: until then?

Vendetta: we gather thêm members

Henry: yes sir

Vendetta: we get the pirate next

Henry: I can't go bởi myself sir... He is unstable

Vendetta: I will send Alex with you

Alex: what?

Vendetta: bạn two leave tomorrow

Henry: yes sir

Alex: what!?
bạn all have probably know about the new generation of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. It has, for one reason hoặc another, become an overnight sensation. Whether hoặc not bạn like the hiển thị yourself, bạn have to admit that its success is impressive.

However, it raises a question. Lauren Faust has worked on other được ưa chuộng shows, and has been working on her own line of toys, The Galaxy Girls. How did she wind up creating the re-make of some 80’s toy commercial instead of working on her own hiển thị ideas? It could be that she’s just nostalgic about her childhood MLP toys hoặc something, but even...
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posted by Bluekait
 Go To Sleep
Go To Sleep
The following story was written bởi a detective whom, after analyzing video evidence, witness accounts, and the video claimed to have been watched, developed a story. This is that story.

It was late at night on a typical Tuesday evening. I was surfing the internet as I had two large coffees from my local coffee cửa hàng earlier that ngày and was unable to sleep. After watching pointless YouTube video after YouTube video, I came across a strange tiêu đề in the related video bar. None of the characters were of the English language; however, the shapes of the characters seemed to resemble words, although...
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posted by WammysBoyzRock
Jeff entered the trang chủ of his victum. The house was dark and showed no signs of anyone being awake so he figured his victum was asleep.

His victum, Believe Bridesmaid, was a middle aged man who lived alone and Jeff found him to be the perfect target. He had been watching this man for weeks and knew everything about him and how his house was structured so he knew exactly how to get to the bedroom.

He crept into the room with his dao, con dao ready but suddenly stopped in his tracks when he saw a young, pale, raven haired, boy sitting on the giường with Believe Bridesmaid, holding an empty seringe, his...
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