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Opinion by bri-marie posted hơn một năm qua
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I get a lot of varied responses when it comes to my religion. So, out of frustration, I made a "list" of things I'd rather people didn't do, and things people did do. Originally, it was aimed for Heathenism, but a lot of my points fit for multiple religions, so I thought I'd post it here.

(Note: Some of it is still a little Pagan/Heathen centric, though. Sorry :/)
Things I'd Rather bạn Didn't Do:
1 Don't assume
~A. Don't assume I don't know about other religions. Just because I don't follow that path, doesn't mean I'm ignorant about it.
~B. Don't assume bạn know why I chose this path.
~C. Don't assume that my personal beliefs are going to line up with the beliefs of “some guy I knew this one time.” Every person who falls under the Pagan umbrella is different. (Anyone who falls under any umbrella is different, really.) We all come from different back-grounds, and have different morals. Some of us are pro-choice. Some of us are vegan. Some of us are for the death penalty. There is no singular “Pagan” belief....
Fan fiction by DriftingSpirit posted hơn một năm qua
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THE keeper of the crypt, a guard of his living tomb;
FROM one corner to the other, alone, in his unholy room...
INSIDE a Pharohs' grave, a scaarob, the mummies sacramental bettle;
TO ride upon a camels back to reach Heaven, through the Eye of the Needle...
NOW to live in the Kingdom of GOD, is our lifes hope;
A skeptic of religion, the scolar dancing high above on a fragile tightrope...
HE gazzes upon Heaven, although his road leads straight through Hell;
THE black cat crosses his path, the clock in the tower rings its thirteenth bell...
ONES life it would seem, is filled with conjure, magical hocus pocus;
AND his mind never really transcribes it into crystal clear focus...
THEN to transend beyond ones own beliefs in a foresight of GODs' thestimonial waters;
FORE he beit baptized, in judgement, nonchalantly waiting for the oncoming slaughter...
ALL elements shall melt with a fierce, fervent heat;
Fan fiction by DriftingSpirit posted hơn một năm qua
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A MAN of many possessions, seeking Heaven over Hell;
CHOOSES to give away thy riches, ngọn lửa, chữa cháy and brimstone, an ungodly smell...
FORE is it not better to give than to receive;
ON thy way to righteousness, only Satan shall deceive...
WITH every measure thy giveth, in Heaven thy measure received;
WHEREAS to enter Gods Kingdom hardly shall thy have riches, thy soul beit burned..
NOW thy has not any riches, gold, silver nor any heards;
SEEING now thy owns nothing more, holding fast to GODs word...
THOU knowest thy commandments, the law from GOD;
DO not commit adultery, kill, steal, nor bare false witness, do not defraud...
WHAT thêm must thou do to inherit Heavens Eternal Life;
HONOUR thy mother and thy father, be faithful to thy wife...
I EXHORT therefore that first of all supplcations, prayers and giving of thanks;
THAT in life thy may lead quietly, in peace and honesty, not cocerned with moving up through the ranks...
Opinion by southern-belle posted hơn một năm qua
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Bide bởi the Wiccan laws ye must
in perfect tình yêu and perfect trust.

Live and let live-
fairly take and fairly give.

Cast the vòng tròn thrice about
to keep all evil spirits out.

To bind the spell every time,
let the spell be spake in rhyme.

Soft of eye and light of touch-
speak little, listen much.

Deosil go bởi the waxing Moon-
sing and dance the Wiccan rune.

Winddershins go when the Moon doth Wane,
and the Werewolf howls bởi the dread Wolfsbane.

When the Lady's Moon is new,
Kiss the hand to her times two.

When the Moon rides at her peak,
then your heart's desire seek.

Heed the Northwind's mighty gale-
lock the door and drop the sail.

When the wind comes from the South,
tình yêu will Kiss thee on the mouth.

When the wind blows from the East,
expect the new and set the feast.
Article by jennabug121 posted hơn một năm qua
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Most Christians, and non-Christians have the same câu hỏi in general, where did the different races come from? Being Christian I had wondered this myself. In class one ngày we watched a Christian speaker video that really cleared things up. Adam and Eve were the first 2 people on Earth,and of course had to have the right genes to pass on dark, medium, hoặc light skin. That menes that Adam and Eve had both the dark gene(BB) and the light gene(aa) that means that they both carried both the dark gene and the light gene. Adam and Eve were therefor medium colored. Their children were either dark, light, hoặc the same medium color. Once Adam and Eve had thêm children and those children had children there was a big clump of people with all different skin colors. Then hundreds of years later when the people revolted against God and built the Tower of Babel, God separated them bởi making them each have different languages. The people had to group together with others of their own language and di chuyển to other regions of the planet. Noah's (Noah from the Ark) had 3 sons Shem, Ham, and Japeth. Each of the three sons moved with their wives to a different continent, Shem-Asia, Ham-Africa, and...
Opinion by gain7_gun posted hơn một năm qua
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religious symbols
i dont know what i belive in as far as religion.most of my relatives are christian but i dont belive in the same things they do.if the kids in my family curse they`d want to punish us but, i belive in the bill of rigths(freedom of speech)so i think anyone ang everyone should have these rigths.when i was younger i was not very religious and belived very little in god.(if at all)i did not belive in santa clause,the tooth fairy, hoặc the easter bunny because in my mind,i thougth they where not real.adults lie to little kids all the time about this type of stuff;then when they get older,they figure its not real.i also know some of the things i belive in come from science.i whould rather belive in one of the three theories about the universe than sayind god created everything.if so than,how was he created himself?even thougth i think people dont really need religions to live healthy,normal lives i`d like to know where i stand bởi as far as what i belive.i dont know what else to do from this point on,i dicided to post my\this story on người hâm mộ pop to see if anyone had any ideas hoặc what i should do.