"Oh great. HIM...."
"Ugh, my head! Wally, why'd ya have to-"
Kacey immediatley covered her mouth. She had a pretty thick Austrailian accent....which meant one thing: she looked in a nearby piece of a broken mirror. The sight was the most HORRIBLE thing ever: all she saw was...Wally. Then she looked over at the ACTUAL Wally. He was out cold... and all furry.
"W-w-w-Wally? A-a-a-a-are you-?"
His eyes sprung open and he jumped to his feet. Wally growled like a wild animal when he saw Kacey.
"N-nice puppy...."
He made his way towards her.
Just then, a voice said: "NO! Bad puppy!"
The Wally-wolf felt a finger through a long sleeve flick his nose. He whimpered.
Kacey opened her eyes and found Kuki chewing him out.
"No...it can't be..."
Just then, she heard a high-pitched meow behind her. She turned around.
The black cat stared at her for a minute, then affectionetly rubbed her leg.
Hoagie groaned and sat up.
Maddy meowed and jumped on him. A smile formed across Hoagie's green and stitched-up face. He giggled like an idiot. thêm so than usual.
"Pretty kitty...." he grunted.
Abby sat up, groaned, and (very slowly) did a facepalm.
"That kitty is my SISTER!" Megan snarled. She placed her claws in Hoagie's face.
Franken-Hoagie placed Maddy on the floor.
Megan scratched her sister behind her ears. She began purring.
"KITTY!!!" shrieked a girly voice. It was Val. She had creamy blonde hair, actual color to face, and she didn't have her medallion.
She let out a shirll yelp. Minerva, hoặc what was supposed to be Minerva, laughed evilly. Kacey had to take a few steps back since she looked pretty scary: she had sharp horns coming out of her head and she was as red as a cherry.
"Aren't bạn gonna fight back?"
Val stuck her nose in the air.
"A princess? Fight? Preposterous!"
Kacey heard a high-pitched Transylvanian-accented voice coming from behind her:
"I vant to suck your- ooooooh, shiny..."
She turned around to see what was supposed to be Kiki. She was about 2 feet shorter, her hair was black, and she was missing her glasses.
"Holy crap! bạn shrunk!" Kacey shouted
"And aged! Beautifully!" Val commented.
Kiki's cheeks turned pink.
Another Transylvanian-accented voice filled the room:
"Typical 250-year-old. Can't pay attention...."
Kiki scowled.
"Oh great. HIM...."
Kacey turned around and jumped back. Christian was about a foot and 2 inches taller.
"Holy crap! bạn grew!"
"And aged. Horribly!" Kuki cackled.
He hissed at her. Then at Kacey. He grabbed her arm and bent her neck towards his fangs. Just then, Count Christian felt a foot kick his shin. It was Kiki. He grabbed his leg and dropped Kacey. Kiki picked her friend up and ran out the door.
Christian spread his cape and turned into a bat while Kuki and Maddy jumped on a nearby cây chổi, chổi and took to the skies. Abby and Hoagie slowly made their way out of the shed, Minerva and Wally ran out at full speed. David was the last to wake up. When he did, he stuck his spear in the air and shouted: "THIS! IS! SPARTA!"
Val snapped her fingers.
"You there! Warrior! Carry me!"
He sighed and picked up Princess Val.
"Now, onward!"
The princess did a facepalm.
"Follow the others, nimrod!"
David got the "Ooooooooooooooooooh" look on his face and walked out.
Kiki dropped Kacey off in the cemetery.
She asked "Why didn't you....y'know... bare your fangs and turn me into an undead follower?"
Kiki sighed.
"Vell, 1: I'm lazy and B: I'm Dracula's BABY sister. Usually, if the older sibling is evil, the younger sibling is good....or at most, mischevious."
"True. Now come on, we gotta find a way to get the team back to normal before midnight."
"But vhy before midniiiiiight?" Kiki whined, "All the good stuff happens at midnight!"
Kacey turned around and got in her teammates face.
"Do bạn have any idea what could happen?
Kiki thought for a minute.
"Um....Billy Mays, Micheal Jackson, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, and Vincent Price come back from the dead and do 'Thriller'?"
Kacey did a major facepalm.
"Lemme put it this way: Do bạn have any idea what could happen if all that evil was combined?"
Kiki thought for another một phút and screamed.
"We gotta stop them!"
Kacey jumped up.
"THAT'S THE SPIRIT! Let's go!"
She grabbed her Những người bạn hand and began to pull her ahead. Kiki pulled her hand back.
"I vant my own slightly-deranged sidekick first!"
"Later! We gotta go!"
Kiki threw herself on the ground.
"What, I'm not good enough?"
"You're awesome! But I vant a sidekick who's a few fries short of a happy meal if bạn get my drift..."
Kacey rolled her eyes.
"Fine, but hurry up."
Kiki squealed, turned into a bat, and flew off.
5 phút later, she came back. Kacey's jaw dropped when she saw her sidekick choice....