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Episode 100: Nữ hoàng băng giá Dreams

In the Celestial Dome, Aelita was working with the Data Interface and sifting through the data in Sector Five trying to find something useful in the hopes that Jeremy could begin work on repairing the Skid.
"Hey, Aelita, can I have a look," Jacob asked a she tapped her shoulder to get her attention.
"Oh, sure, Jake," she smiled as she stepped to the side. "Here, just do this to work the controls…" she muttered as she quickly showed him how to work the screens. "And, you're in!"
"Cool," Jacob đã đưa ý kiến as he backtracked to a section of the computer that Aelita had already...
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Here is a fanfiction on what I think happened after the end of Code Lyoko.

Written bởi my Brother.

I do not own Code Lyoko, but my brother owns Jacob.

They thought they had beaten XANA...
They thought it was over...
They were wrong...

Episode 96: Requiem

"Ahh!" Aelita screamed as she woke with a start in her dorm, drenched in sweat and shaking from head to toe. The nightmares were back. It had been three months since they had shut down the Supercomputer, but she couldn't get the visions out of her head. Every night she would dream about that last stand on Lyoko; about her father giving his life to...
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Episode 97: Secrets

"And this is your room," Jim đã đưa ý kiến as he opened the door. It was simple, but it had cabinets, which were a luxury at Kadic, and a desk, which Jacob immediately put his bags and new laptop on. Jeremy had taken the initiative to download all of his programming onto Jacob's computer. He really was a computer nut, and Jeremy could see that they would get along real well.
"Thank's for the tour, Mr. Morales. This is a really nice establishment."
"Why, thank you. And please, call me Jim."
"I'll remember that, Jim," Jacob đã đưa ý kiến as Jim closed the door, and it was immediately reopened as...
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posted by 16zzundel5
I am nghề viết văn a fanfiction. This is just the first
Chapter! There might be things that happen in the tiếp theo chapters that releive your fears. Will be đã đăng on
11:54. Michael Belpois was lying in bed,
trying to go to sleep.
Suddenly, he sat bolt upright. His
computer monitor has just powered on.
Assuming it was just a trick of the
light; he turned over and lay down
again. He didn’t, however, see the red
symbol that flashed onto the screen.
His dreams that night were haunted bởi
strange red symbols, lines of computer
code, and various mathematical formulae....
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"So, Einstein, what did bạn want us all at the Factory for?" Jacob asked as he arrived in the Lab on the Lift.
"Well, some of bạn are here to observe, but you, Ulrich, and William are going to the Arena."
"In Sector Five?" Ulrich asked in surprise. "Why?"
"Well, after we sent William as a cold rookie last time and he…well…"
"We know what happened, Jeremy," William scowled. "Where's the point in this?"
"Well, I decided that we should send bạn and Jacob to the Arena for a training session, so bạn can learn to use your powers and figure out what they are. That way it will be easier for bạn two...
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"Shh!" Odd đã đưa ý kiến as he and Ulrich crept into Jacob's room.
"Odd, he'll kill bạn if bạn do something stupid!" Ulrich hissed.
"But he's the newbie!" Odd whined. "I always prank the newbies! I did with William!"
"Not the same. bạn might…" Ulrich trailed off.
"I won't hurt him! Not on purpose," Odd added.
"Yeah, it's the accident part that I'm worried about," Ulrich growled as Odd crept over to the side of Jacob's bed, and bent over so that he was tiếp theo to Jacob's ear and yelled, "GOOD MORNING, SLEEPYHEAD!!" Jacob yelped and jumped up, looking around wildly as Odd burst out laughing.
"That gets them...
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Code Lyoko!!

Episode 103: XANA's Bite

"Ungh…" Ulrich groaned as he felt something wet on his face. He turned onto his side and saw Kiwi staring him in the face! The little dog almost looked as if he was grinning, and Ulrich growled as he sat up and tossed Kiwi unceremoniously onto the floor. He then grabbed his cái gối, gối and threw it at Odd's head. "Odd! Your dog woke me up again! And its Sunday for crying out loud!" he complained as Odd groaned and groggily sat up.
"Well it's not my fault…" he whined.
"Your dog, your fault," Ulrich replied as he got up and grabbed a pair...
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posted by Mollymolata
I nicked it from link and add Sissi and William too.

Odd Della Robbia
[] bạn are a flirt.
[] bạn are very artistic.
[] bạn see the life as a game.
[] bạn make jokes about everything.
[] Purple.
[] bạn have a odd sense of fashion.
[ ] Your feet stink.
[] bạn eat a lot.
[] bạn tình yêu potatoes.
[] bạn like animals.

Jeremie Belpois
[] You're good at school
[] bạn are very intelligent. (Only not in Maths -_-)
[] bạn are a computer wizard.
[] bạn dislike P.E.
[] bạn are the leader of your group.
[ ] bạn have a picture of Einstein.
[] bạn are on hàng đầu, đầu trang of your class. (2nd best)
[] bạn want to help people who are in...
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posted by Mollymolata
„Why do they call this a beauti drink?“ asked Sissi herself irritated staring at a màu hồng, hồng bottle with it‘s name.

Yumi passed bởi Sissi and noted Sissi‘s face.

„What‘s the matter Sissi?“ asked Yumi ironic.

„Get a life Ishiyama...wait...can bạn read Thai?“ asked Sissi.

„Thai?“ asked Yumi surprised. „Do I look like one?“

„I just asked you, if bạn could read it not, if bạn were one“

„First of all, no I can‘t and second, just because it‘s called beauti drink, it doesn‘t mean, it makes bạn beautiful“

„But why do there the woman all look pretty?“ asked Sissi sad.

Episode 102: Firestorm

"So, any new news, Einstein?" Jacob asked as the gang sat in Jeremy's room.
"Nothing yet," he sighed. "I did manage to extract what I think might be a last known location…" Aelita perked her ears in anticipation as Jeremy continued. "But…I haven't been able to crack the code yet…"
"It's okay, Jeremy," Aelita said. "Just knowing you're doing something gives me hope," she smiled.
"Well, I hope we'll have something soon," he grinned as the chuông, bell rang outside.
"We don't want to be late for class," Odd smiled as the gang chẻ, phân chia, split up and went their separate ways for classes…...
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Episode 101: Breakdown

"Hurry now, children, there's not a lot of time," Jeremy đã đưa ý kiến in a sing-songy voice as they raced towards the activated Tower in the Mountain Sector. XANA had been causing earthquakes around Kadic City and Odd, Yumi, Jacob, and Aelita were on Lyoko trying to get to the Tower.
"Ow," Ulrich đã đưa ý kiến as one of the tremors knocked him to the floor of the Lab. "Hey, Jeremy, can bạn make them go any faster? The tremors are getting closer."
"Well, I can try to put the whip to them," he laughed as he said, "Move it!" into the microphone.
"We're going, Jeremy," Aelita laughed as she jumped...
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