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posted by HaleyDewit
When bạn bleed,you can start dying
You can finally stop denying
There's no reason for bạn to keep on trying
Just admit that you've been lying
You better find a place to play hide and seek
'Cause the things I'll do to bạn will make bạn weak
Remember all the things that bạn have đã đưa ý kiến
'Cause I can't get the revenge out of my head
Soon you'll be dead

One ngày I'm coming back
I'm getting ready for the attack
I'll fight bạn like once before
You won't hurt me anymore
You better start to run and find a place
'Cause a lying chó cái, bitch like bạn has no saving grace
Remember all the things that bạn have done
'Cause my revenge...
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We were Những người bạn forever
I just couldn’t picture us together
And tình yêu was just never on my mind
But now that I’ve come to my senses
It seems like I blew my chances
And now I wish I could just turn back time

‘Cause now you’re gone
‘Can’t believe I let bạn slip through my fingers
You’ve moved on
But the memory of bạn and I still lingers
Around me
‘Cause it’s so hard to believe
That I
Failed to make bạn mine

I ain’t gonna cry
I don’t want bạn to see the tears in my eyes
But inside I am dying
Pretending to be fine
Messed up hoặc not, I’ll still walk the line
But inside I am screaming

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Guess this means you're sorry
You're standing at my door
Guess this means bạn take back
All bạn đã đưa ý kiến before
Like how much bạn wanted
Anyone but me
Said you'd never come back
But here bạn are again

Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me
And honestly
My life (My life) would suck (Would suck)without you

Maybe I was stupid for telling bạn goodbye
Maybe I was wrong for tryin' to pick a fight
I know that I've got issues
But you're pretty messed up too
Eitherway, I found out I'm nothing without you

Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united and...
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posted by AdaLove
Lyrics to Me Lene Popi (My Name Is Popi) :
Ena dio tria
Me lene Popi, san ti giagia mu tin kaliopi
Ach, na me legane Kiveli
Mu pigeni pio poli afto to lamda me to i
tessera pente eksi! Me lene Popi!
Ki oso ki an drepome gi'afto mia mera tha se pandrefto

Ha ha. Mi gielas. Hthes to ipa sti mama, ki aku, tis ksefige ena ma!
pu na to po ke ston baba, aftos tha mini me to ba!

Pio tragudi na su stilo, na ne kokino san milo
ke analafro san ena filo.
Sta malia su na kathisi san puli na kelaidisi
ke glika-glika na se filisi
ena tragudi gia na to vazis tin ora pu diavazis

Efta ohto enia.
Gia sena dinome ke vgeno diavazo...
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posted by Brysis
Since the các câu hỏi sections is not working for me i put this as an article
fanpop doesn´t like me :(((

To my Ada and my Katerina♥♥♥
My Ada, my soulmate I just want bạn to knoo how much I tình yêu bạn and how much bạn mean to me. You´re the sweetest, smartest and the biggest Mất tích người hâm mộ I´ve ever knew ♥♥♥
I will tình yêu bạn forever

My Katerina, my lovie♥ you´re my personal sun, always brighting my day, always making it better and shiny!
bạn ´re like a sister to me and I tình yêu bạn very very much my beautiful sun ♥♥♥

We´ll be best Những người bạn forever
tình yêu bạn besties ♥

posted by HaleyDewit
I made something that no one knows about
I made sure no one could find out
Because this is for a girl in particular
A girl who’s so sweet, cool and special
Fourteen yesterday, sixteen tiếp theo year
But today, 18-03-’10, you’re fifteen, my dear
Today you’re gonna be spoiled bởi your family
And bạn can throw a wild chick party
bạn can turn the house upside down and have drinks with your friends
And about the dishes? Give it to your parents
bạn can eat chips and pie until bạn get sick
And even though every good song has an end, it doesn’t mean bạn can’t enjoy the music
bạn thought the video was the best
But honey, bạn ain’t seen nothing yet
I made sure bạn were the first to find out
Honey, just press the link and check it out ;)

posted by HaleyDewit
You've got your mother and your brother
Every other undercovers telling bạn what to say (say)
You think I'm stupid but the truth is that it's cupid baby loving bạn has made me this way (way)
So before bạn point your finger
Get your hand off of my trigger ( oh, yeah)
You need to know the situation's getting old
And now the thêm bạn talk the less I can say (ooh)

I'm looking for attention
Not another question
Should bạn stay hoặc should bạn go
Well if bạn don't have the answer
Why bạn still standing here
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Just walk away
(just walk away)
(just walk away)

I waited here for bạn like a kid waiting...
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I remember when we met.
Just three girls, nothing more..
I remember Sky.
A l brunette blond
With hair that went to her
I remember her happy spirit.
I remember how she told us
About Naruto and Inuyasha
All the time.
I remember when she cut her hair
Short, to her chin.
I remember Erin.
An awkward British girl with
Short blonde hair.
I remember her quirky attitude
And I remember our movie
I remember how she wanted to be
Like Hannah Montana.
I remember me.
A shy Latina girl with shoulder
Length Dark hair and a fragile
Emotional state.
I remember how they didn't
Care that I talked about Pokemon
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posted by AdaLove
I was thinking the other ngày how my fanpop life would be without my fanpop friends. And what I came down to was that I wouldn't have a damn to do on fanpop today. I would probably be one of those really boring people that never say anything.So without a câu hỏi my best friend here is Laura.♥ I tình yêu bạn all but she's my Mất tích twin.So I decided to write something about us :D

Sometime back,last summer a boring ngày I decided to answer some picks in Leyton spot and I saw sth like "Will bạn tham gia the leyton những người đang yêu thread",link in các bình luận :P So I decided to join.Deffo my best descision in my Fanpop...
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posted by HaleyDewit
So, bạn tell me
That I’m the most beautiful girl you’ve ever met
And now you’re going on
On how bạn can’t get me out of your head
Has no one filled bạn in
That I don’t do things I might regret
So bạn can pack up your little act
‘Cause I’m not falling for that

‘Cause I’m out of your league
You’re not even close to good enough for me
When I open my tim, trái tim
It’s gotta be right from the start
I know you’re wildest fantasies
But they don’t match with reality
So bạn can beg on your knees
You can’t get me

Now bạn tell me
That I should be thankful to have bạn around
And that instead of being...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I’m not bitter
I’m just being picky
I’m not cold
I’m just being lonely
I’m not lost
I’m just undiscovered
Living in my shell of safety
Building walls up once again

‘Cause I am afraid
That when I’d give bạn my tim, trái tim it might break
But I know
That when I’d give bạn my tình yêu
I gotta give bạn all I have
Leave nothing out

I’m not broken
I’m just being scarred
I’m not hateful
I’m just playing it hard
You can reach me
If bạn try hard enough
But if you’d rather not stay, just walk away
And don’t waste both of our time

‘Cause I am afraid
That when I’d give bạn my tim, trái tim it might break
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posted by HaleyDewit
Frustration is causing me to pull my hair out
Desperation is causing me to cry my tim, trái tim out
Imagination has caused my head into the clouds
But realization has caused me to tumble down

Of all the guys I got to know you’re the one I will remember
And I won’t shed a tear, but inside I’ll cry a river

I’m falling back down to earth
My feet steady on the ground
If anything I’ve learned from love
It’s bạn get Mất tích but never found
Broken down from these emotions
I realize how unfair life is
Still I can’t stop believing
There’s gotta be thêm than this

Acting like a chó cái, bitch I abreact on my friends
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posted by HaleyDewit
When bạn read this
I’ll be gone
Though I never đã đưa ý kiến I tình yêu you
I wrote it in many tình yêu songs
All I ever wanted was to be with you
But I guess it was asked too much
Now all I want to do is run away
‘Cause I’ve had enough

I wanna let go
But my hands are tied on you
I wanna walk away
But my feet refuse to move
I’m tình yêu struck, bạn got me completely
And now we’ll never know what might have been

Don’t feel sorry
I’m the one to blame
I shouldn’t have been so damn gutless
And told bạn straight away
But I guess it’s not very convenient
When you’re living miles apart
Though I know physical distance
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posted by HaleyDewit
You're the kinda headache there are no painkillers for
And of all people I wish you'd be the one slamming my door
I'd run away but my hands are tied
So won't bạn come and save me tonight

C'mon, tình yêu me and need me
Like this will last forever
Don't leave me hoặc wake me
Or say I'd put myself together
Hold me, embrace me
'Cause this could be over anytime
C'mon and save me tonight

You're the kinda tim, trái tim that's taking over my mind
And now all I do is think about bạn all the time
I'd run away and leave this all behind
So won't bạn come and save me tonight

C'mon, tình yêu me and need me
Like this will last forever
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posted by HaleyDewit
Ain't it sad
How I'm pushing people away
Refuse to let them in
All because of you
Ain't it sad
How I'm trying to di chuyển on
But you're controlling my heart
Ever since I fell in tình yêu with you

And even though I can only think about nothing but you
I still need to wake up and face the truth

'Cause bạn are
Everything I'll never have
I wish I could go back
To where I Mất tích my head
So I could erase that moment
I'm everything you'll never know
If this is how the story's supposed to go
Then I'd take a piece of paper and my favourite pen
And I'd write it all over again

I won't cry
This pain's too deep
to be lightened with...
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posted by HaleyDewit
It was at the age of thirteen
When I first saw you
What did I know about love
There was still so much I needed to see

But now seven years later
And me being all grown up
I’m still in tình yêu with you
I must be crazy

Don’t say I don’t know what I want
‘Cause I know all I want is you
Don’t say I should turn around and walk away
When all the roads lead to you
I wish my tim, trái tim was made of rock
Or at least it had a lock
And bạn couldn’t get a hold of the key
But on and on bạn sneak in and drive me crazy

I know it’s impossible
I keep telling myself
I should try to di chuyển on
But my tim, trái tim won’t listen to my...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Boy, I hate you
Why bạn have to be the way that bạn are
If only bạn were different
It would make it much easier for me to di chuyển on

I thought bạn finally belonged to the past
But who am I kidding, you’re a tình yêu that seems to last

My tim, trái tim breaks whenever I think of you
And my soul dies ‘cause I know it will never be true
It’s getting thêm obvious everyday
I’m in tình yêu with you, again

It’s getting harder
To di chuyển on without bạn every day
But bạn don’t even know me
I should just get a life and go my own way

My tim, trái tim breaks whenever I think of you
And my soul dies ‘cause I know it will never be true...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Okay,first and for all,I am not a Twilight fan.But this song popped in my head and once I have a melody and words I just have to write it down.I didn't plan this.Well,despite the fact that I don't like Twilight,I still think it's a good song. (I hope I don't sound arrogant now)Please read it and let me know what bạn think about it :) Even if bạn think it's crap.

I got it all under control
I can keep myself together
I’m not gonna break down
I know this is for the better
I know I must let bạn leave
But I’m not gonna stop these tears
I know I must let bạn walk away
But my tim, trái tim will break anyway

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posted by HaleyDewit
Close your eyes and try to sleep
Don’t let these words disturb your dreams
Don’t think about the pain bạn have caused
For there is nothing bạn ever did wrong

Make a wish and pray it will come true
Because what bạn did will come back to you
Let these words sink into your brain
For this is for everything bạn ever did wrong

Are bạn happy
To make people run away from you
Are bạn satisfied
When bạn make a girl feel blue
Are bạn proud of yourself
When bạn make a girl crawl back in her shell
Now, all bạn bitches, bạn gotta tell me
Are bạn happy

Open your eyes and look inside yourself
How would bạn feel if someone...
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Once upon a time on an ordinary day
I met this guy who came across my way
He was the only one I could rely on
How could I know I was living in some kind of fairytale

I thought he was mine forever
I thought we ought to be together
Guess I should have seen this one coming

‘Cause I’ve been crying
And I’ve been dying
When I think about the tình yêu we made
While I’m trying to hide the tears on my face
I wish I could turn back time
I wish I could make bạn mine
Once again we would be những người đang yêu forever
We were meant to be together

Now I’m spending my days in the hell bạn create
No matter what bạn do, all bạn ever...
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