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posted by nervous_system0
In some places on the internet bạn can find những người hâm mộ claiming Clopin got married to a girl named "Chantal" in canon. Well, as far as the sequel can even be called canon, 'cause this is where it was supposed to have happened, in a deleted scene.

Now, this deleted scene is đã đưa ý kiến to have been on the US version of the movie, but is obviously nowhere on the internet, and either nobody found it to be important enough, hoặc it simply doesn't exist. When googling, I found no reliable sources on this topic also.

Unless someone can prove that this scene existed, I will believe it is just a fake. And even if it...
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Hello fellow HOND fans!

Like many of you, I fell in tình yêu with this movie, and one gypsy particular captured me with his aweseomeness...Clopin. =)

I was in highschool when this movie came out and I became obsessed. I bought anything and everything that came out for this movie,I even made trips to Disneyland for the sole purpose of seeing "The Festival of fools" and buying Clopin merchandise.

As much as I tình yêu this movie, I am now a mom and a wife and I've had my HOND stuff packed away for many years. I'm just now rediscovering it and while it holds many great memories, I have no where to put it...
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Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame is offically coming to the Broadway stage! I tình yêu the âm nhạc and Im interested to see what they will do!


"In a gần đây interview, Alan Menken has confirmed an American revival coming soon to New York"






"Disney's first original foreign-language production, which ran from 1999 to 2002 in Berlin, is being revamped for its U.S. premiere."

1. I named named my cat after him.

2. I had him on my birthday cake for one of my birthdays.

3. I made a Clopin costume and was him for Halloween once. (I'd like to go as him again this year.)

4. I have the Clopin plushie,action figure,BK toy and puppet.

5. I have kept the tag that was attached to my puppet and part of the action figure's box simply because they both have Clopin's picture on them.

6. I have a pin of Clopin's adorable,sweet smiling face.

7. I carved Clopin's face in a quả bí ngô, bí ngô the past fall.

8. I've become interested in masks and harlequin/jester outfits.

9. Whenever someone calls Clopin...
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