Clois What is the BEST episode for Clois in Season Six?

Pick one:
6x01: Zod
6x02: Sneeze
6x03: Wither
6x04: Mũi tên xanh
6x05: Reunion
6x06: Fallout
6x07: Rage
6x08: Static
6x09: Subterranean
6x10: Hydro
6x11: Justice
6x12: Labyrinth
6x13: Crimson
6x14: Trespass
6x15: Freak
6x16: Promise
6x17: Combat
6x18: Progeny
6x19: Nemesis
6x20: Noir
6x21: Prototype
6x22: Phantom
All Of Them
None Of Them
Who Knows?
Not Sure
 BangelDairFanx posted hơn một năm qua
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