Clois Which one of the following statements bother bạn most, Clois Fans?

Pick one:
Clark & Lois Aren't Destiny/Meant-To-Be.
Clark & Lois Aren't Real And True Soul Mates.
Lana Lang Is, Always Has Been And Always Will Be Clark's One True Love/Beloved.
Lana Is A Much Better Match For Clark Then Lois Is.
Clark Still Has Deep, Strong Unresolved Feelings For Lana.
Clark Only Chose Lois Because He Couldn't Be With Lana.
Clark Is Only Settling For Lois; He's Still In tình yêu With Lana.
Clark & Lois Are Too Different/Opposite From Each Other.
Lois Doesn't Understand Clark.
Clark Doesn't Understand Lois.
Lois Lane Is A chó cái, chó cái, bitch And She's Too Mean For Clark.
Clois Is A Rebound Relationship.
Lois Lane Will Always Be một giây Best To Lana Lang In Clark Kent's Eyes.
Lana Lang Is The One Who Made Clark Kent Become Superman.
Clark Kent/Superman's Real True tình yêu Has Always Been Lana Lang.
Clark & Lana Were And Still Are Meant-To-Be.
Clana Is A Much Better Couple Then Clois.
Tom Welling & Erica Durance Have Zero Chemistry Together.
Clark & Lois Have No Chemistry Together.
Clark & Lois On-Screen Are Cringe-Worthy.
Clark & Lois Don't Belong Together Romantically.
Clois Is Not A Realistic Couple/Pairing.
I Hate Lois Lane. She Brings The Worst Out Of Clark!
Clark & Lois Bring Out The Worst In Each Other.
Clois Is một giây Choice/Second Best To Clana.
Lana Lang Has Always Been 'The One' For Clark Kent/Superman.
Clois Feels Incredibly Forced/Contrived.
Clois On Thị trấn Thị trấn Smallville Was The Worst Clois In Siêu nhân History Since 1938.
Lois Is Too Trashy To Be With Clark.
Lois Makes Clark thêm Of A Boy, Not A Man.
Clark & Lois Have No Passion Together.
Clark/Lois On Thị trấn Thị trấn Smallville Are thêm Like Brother/Sister.
Clark/Lois Don't Make Any Sense Together As A Couple.
If Lana Showed Up, Clark Would Indefinitely Dump Lois For Lana.
The Siêu nhân Mythology Should Be Altered; Lana Should Be Clark's True Love.
Clark/Lana Have Tons thêm Chemistry Then Clark/Lois.
Clana Is A Breath A Fresh Air!
The Siêu nhân Tradition Should've Been Broken In SV; Clana Should Be Together.
Tom Welling Doesn't Like hoặc Support Clois.
Clois Only Happened On Thị trấn Thị trấn Smallville Because Lana Lang Left.
Clark/Lois Are Dull, Boring And Incredibly Predictable.
Clark & Lois Are Incredibly Fake Together.
The Relationship Of Clark Kent & Lois Lane Is Severely Over-Rated.
Clark Looks Constipated & Bored Around Lois.
Clark/Lois Aren't And Never Will Be Epic And Iconic.
Clark/Lois Is Not Real True Love.
Clark & Lois Don't Treat Each Other As Equals.
Clark Can't Be His Real, True Self With Lois.
Clark & Lois Are Too Sappy, Cheesy And Corny.
Clark & Lois Is Highly Unrealistic And Non-Believable.
Lana Lang Is Clark Kent's True SoulMate.
Chloe Should Have Ended Up With Clark, Not Lois.
Lois Had Much Better Chemistry With Oliver Than With Clark.
Clois Isn't As Passionate As Clana Was.
Lois Is Too Loud, Abrasive, Selfish, Rude And Obnoxious For Clark.
Clark/Lana Are The Real & True Iconic tình yêu Story Of Siêu nhân Mythology.
Clark/Lois Don't Share The Same Values, Goals & Outlook On Life.
Clark/Lana Is The Definition Of Real, True Love.
Lana Lang Is And Always Will Be Much Better Suited For Clark Kent.
Clark/Lois Have Zero In Common.
Clark/Lois Are A Highly Incompatible Pairing.
Clark Could Be His Real Self When He Was With/Around Lana.
In Reality, Clark Would Always Choose Lana Over Lois.
Lois Is Not Good Enough For A Super-Hero Like Clark.
Clois Doesn't Feel Real hoặc Heartfelt.
Clark Only Thinks He Loves Lois.
Clark Loves The Idea Of Lois, Not The Lois The Individual.
Clark/Lois Is Too Much Of A fantaisie & Too Fairy Tale-ish.
Clark & Lois Should Never Have Happened On Thị trấn Thị trấn Smallville In The First Place.
Lois Doesn't Represent Clark's Humanity.
Clark/Lois On Thị trấn Thị trấn Smallville Seem thêm Like Siblings.
Clark & Lois Have No Depth, Significance hoặc Meaning.
Clark/Lois Is All About Sexual Attraction/Lust.
Lois Is Too Bizarre And Unusual To Be With Clark.
If It Weren't For Siêu nhân Tradition, Clark Would've Chosen Lana For Sure.
Lois Tries To Control Clark.
Lois Is Too Impulsive For Clark.
Lois Is Much Too Dominating For Clark.
Clark Was Much Happier With Lana Than With Lois.
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