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Opinion by S8rah posted hơn một năm qua
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You are my Perrie Sis*
When I first saw your thông tin các nhân on fanpop and how close bạn was to many people on here I knew I wanted a person like bạn in my life and now I do I never regret adding bạn
because without bạn I wouldn't know what to do
without you, your a huge part of my life
Your the Princess of my lâu đài and Queen of my Heart
I'm lucky to have a close friend like bạn in my life
Your an amazing,flawless,perfect and unique person
Nobody can take that away from bạn Cleo
your one of a kind no one could ever replace you
even if they tried!

I want to say thank bạn for making me smile when I have been
always putting a smile on my face and making my
ngày when I have seen your wallpost
and for just being you

I always want bạn to remember aswell
we are always together bởi tim, trái tim and that no matter where
bạn are and what your going through I tình yêu bạn always
and I will help bạn with anything and will Protect bạn no
Opinion by aNNalovechuck posted hơn một năm qua
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[i][b]This bài viết is dedicated
to my beatiful friend ,
Cleo which is the best
greek girl i know :)
No many people have
find that person who
complete their hearts , but I got.

I remember when I first
talked to her . She had
a Kristen Steward biểu tượng
and we start talking ,
I knew we'd be close friends
but I never expecting we
would became the best one :)

If bạn dont know , she is
one of most beatiful girls
alive , she is my Rapunzel
cause she got
really long long hair :)xx

She is really fun and she
can made up your day.
So if bạn ever feel low ,
clicklink and talk to her. No need for anything else.

She means so
much to me so if bạn try hurt
bạn will totally answer to me.
She is my
soul , tim, trái tim and everything
and nothing will tear us
Opinion by Vamp_Fan_25 posted hơn một năm qua
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My PerriePie ღ

From the moment I met bạn everything changed!

When I first I met I knew I wanted to be your friend, cause bạn were so friendly, kind and most of all beautiful!
But now I know bạn are even thêm than that.You are my my perfect little princess!And if I had to describe bạn right now we would be here for years!
Your one of a kind, and one reason we are so close is because we share so many interests
-we're forever directioners, mixers, twihards & brats!

I will never know how bạn are so perfect but I will always no that bạn ARE perfect!And I wouldn't have it any other way

We are Perrie & Dani besties! No one will ever change that! ♥

'You're perfect in every way it's in your D-D-D-DNA!'

Thanks for taking care of me, listening to what I have to say and most of all being my bestie!

I could never ever forget you!

tình yêu bạn my Perrie princess forever! ♥
Opinion by 241098 posted hơn một năm qua
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Hey Loves<33
I wantd to write an article so you can know more about me:))

Full Name: Cleopatra
Nicknames: Cleo, Clea, Cleanna, Clarry
Role Model: Perrie Edwards
Star Sign: Scorpio
B-Day: 24 October 1998
Heigh: 1,61
Weigh: 52

Faves: 1D. Cher Lloyd. Little Mix, Twilight, Harry Potter & more...

I love Britidh artists. In my free time I listen to music, read books, go on FP or Tumblr & hang out with friends.
I have a younger brother my gave food is spaghetti & my fave colour soft pink:))

Here my babes are..

Anything else just ask:**
Opinion by S8rah posted hơn một năm qua
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Your My PerriePrincess
Cleo I am so happy I started to speak to bạn because now I couldn't imagine my fanpop without you

everytime I see your wallpost a huge smile comes on my face it makes my ngày hearing from you

bạn are my
- PerriePrincess
- My heart
- My soul
- My world
- My sister

Even though we haven't known each other long already bạn are a big part of my fanpop life and I couldn't see my fanpop without you

bạn mean a lot to me our friendship is strong and I don't want anyone to break that

bạn make me smile and cheer me up when I am down

I tình yêu bạn Cleo forever and always and I'm always here for bạn never forget that!
Opinion by 241098 posted hơn một năm qua
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These people mean so much to mee...

aNNa || Oh what can I say...She's my other half..My sis from the begging & till the end.
Anna we're sisters forever<33

Chez || From the moment I met this girl my life changed. I knew we were going to be thêm than normal friends<33

Mira || I can eat many sweets but no one will ever be sweeter than her!
Mira always knows how to make my ngày & she always puts a smile in my face with her sweet words<33

Jen || Yay one of the most awesome people I know! A great Directioner & caring person. tình yêu ya Jen<33

Sarah || She's always just so perfect! I tình yêu bạn Sarah thnx for being in my life! Our frindship is so strong<33

Beri || Well the most awesome fanpoper here. We're twins forever<33

Vero || Sweet,funny,smart...this girl has them all<33

Thnx to everyone for putting a smile in my face:**
Opinion by aNNalovechuck posted hơn một năm qua
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xin chào Gurl <33
Another bài viết dedicated to bạn :)xx
Cause bạn rocking babe :)

bạn are the girl who understand me :) bạn are
always there for me , care about me and make me feel happy.

bạn make me smile every single time :)

bạn make your firends feel special..
bạn are the Zayn in my Niall .
bạn are a way awesome to everyone .

the kindest friend , bạn are true to yourself . bạn are strong as person , bạn dont scared of the seakers , bạn can do anything protect your friends...

That means bạn are perfect <33 :)

Thanks for being in my life :**
[b]You are my Perrie cause bạn are beatiful like her :)

El/Dani/Perrie Buddies Forever

Opinion by Vamp_Fan_25 posted hơn một năm qua
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You are my Perrie <33
nghề viết văn this bài viết to say how much I tình yêu bạn and how thankful I am to have bạn Cleo, ok??

Cleo, everyone that meets bạn is blessed and they are sooo lucky to meet such a cool girl like bạn <33

bạn bring a smile to my face when I hear from bạn and we share so many interests...

I can talk to bạn about anything, and though bạn are are in Greece I feel bạn are one one of my closest friends...

I'm grateful to have met bạn and I am thankful everyday that I have met bạn :*

You'll always be my Perrie no matter what and I will tình yêu bạn forever...

I hope bạn know that bạn are a truly beautiful girl and stay just the way bạn are, a extra special girl

I tình yêu bạn Cleo, till my tim, trái tim stops beating ♥
Opinion by aNNalovechuck posted hơn một năm qua
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Heyy Cleo :) xxxx
When I first ''faned'' bạn I had no idea how important bạn would become to me .
I had no idea how good friend bạn would be .
I excepted that bạn ' d be probably like anyone else...
But I was totally totally wrong . bạn was bởi my side always , bạn never forgot me , bạn always put a smile in my face .
True Những người bạn Are too hard to find :) Just like bạn but now that I know to truth I dont think I will leave bạn ever babe <3 Cause bạn are amazing just the way bạn are . Always be yourself cutie pie and never ever ever change for no chó cái, bitch :)
Talking with bạn is always fun and I am glad I have a besty like bạn , I know that bạn know that bạn ' ve got that one thing babe , I am just a kind reminder <333

tình yêu bạn , now then & forever ;) ♥♥
Opinion by Vamp_Fan_25 posted hơn một năm qua
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OMG sweety what can I say....
We have been Những người bạn since we met, with our tình yêu of 1D & Twilight.You understand me and make me wanna get on fanpop and here from you


When your gone I miss ya, when your here I adore ya and I tình yêu ya no matter what

You're a gift to fanpop, everyone who meets bạn is blessed and I hope we have heaps of awesome times to come

☑ Sweet
☑ Beautiful
☑ Gorgeous
☑ Kind
☑ 1Derful
☑ Twihard

Cleo, one of my besties on fanpop and I want it to stay that way ♡
Opinion by aNNalovechuck posted hơn một năm qua
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Yep !:)
♥You are one of my besties♥

bạn are

✔ Kind
✔ Greek
✔ With awesome name
✔ 1D người hâm mộ
✔ Kristen steward fanatic
✔ BriLiam
✔ AmaZayn
✔ ExtraodiHarry
✔ PhenomeNiall
✔ FabouLouis
✔ 1Derful

Κάνεις τον κόσμο καλύτερο μονάχα που αναπνέεις
I tình yêu bạn so much , bạn made me happy , bạn worth so many thing hun !<3
Whenever I see ya online I fangirling :)))
bạn are the worth to me !!!!!

This 1D lyrincs for ya babe :

From the moment I met bạn Everything changed I knew I had to get bạn What ever the pain
I had to take bạn and make bạn mine (had to make bạn mine)
I would walk through the desert I would walk down the isle I would swim all the oceans just to see bạn smile
What ever it takes It's fine (what ever it takes its fine)